“Yankees salivate over Tatis”… Will the silent ‘evil empire’ be revived?

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The San Diego Padres of the Major League (MLB) have three quality shortstops. But maybe the youngest player will transfer.

American media Empire Sports Media quoted ESPN Radio’s Rick Defietro on the 12th (Korean time) and said, “The New York Yankees are conducting an inspection to recruit Fernando Tatis Jr. (23).”

If true, this is very surprising news. Tatis, who made his major league debut in San Diego in 2019, is a player who has achieved outstanding results based on his excellent batting skills and athletic ability.

Tatis, who hit 22 homers in 84 games in his first year of debut, exploded 17 homers in a 60-game shortened season in 2020, and was ranked 4th in the National League MVP. In the 2021 season, he showed off his improved skills and hit 42 home runs, becoming the National League home run king. Shortstop Silver Slugger for two consecutive years was a bonus.

In the midst of this performance, Tatis signed a long-term contract with San Diego at the beginning of the 2021 season for 14 years and 340 million dollars 토토사이트 (approximately 444.7 billion won). However, this year, he could not play a single game due to a wrist injury and the use of banned substances.

In the meantime, San Diego’s Kim Ha-seong (27) filled the gap left by Tatis as the main shortstop. After the season, he signed an 11-year, $280 million contract with Boston veteran shortstop Xander Bogarts (30).

In the US, while Bogatz is looking at the shortstop position, Kim Ha-seong is expected to switch to second baseman and Tatis to the outfielder. But in the midst of this, rumors of Tatis’ trade came out.

The Yankees retained Aaron Judge (30), the “home run king,” this winter by signing a super-large contract of 360 million dollars (approximately 470.8 billion won) for 9 years. The Yankees announced additional power reinforcement, and Tatis was caught on the radar net.

The Yankees’ starting shortstop this year is Isaiah Cainer-Faleppa (27), a former Gold Glove winner. However, Paleppa has not been able to stand out in the hitting side, with only 4 home runs in 142 games. On the other hand, Tatis is an offensive shortstop with a career OPS of 0.965.

However, the problem is the trade card that will be given to Tatis. Although the value has decreased due to overlapping bad news, the 23-year-old Hotajun shortstop is still highly valued. The media predicted that the Yankees would have to pack a package of infield prospects such as Oswald Peraza (22) and Anthony Wolf (21). In addition, Jason Dominguez (19), who is attracting attention as a future ace, must be given up. No matter how Tatis is, it is a difficult price to decide easily.

However, Tatis is young enough to be only 35 at the time his contract expires. The media claimed, “Tatis is a superstar with the potential to rise to the Hall of Fame,” and “keeping a prospect in order to recruit him is not the right strategy.”

Even in the 2000s, the Yankees were dubbed the “evil empire” by continuously recruiting large players such as Alex Rodriguez and Jason Giambi. However, they have not been to the World Series since 2009. Can the Yankees, who are set out to restore their honor, catch the ‘big fish’ of Tatis?

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