WS winning member enters Korea… US media “If it bears fruit, it is possible to seek ML return”

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“If it bears fruit in Korea, you can seek a return to the major leagues.” has been recruited,” it was officially announced. With this, SSG parted ways with Juan Lagares, who accompanied them this season, and will play the 2023 season with Heredia.

SSG said, “Heredia has stable skills in all aspects, including not only batting indicators, but also defense and running,” and “we expect to show active movement and productive hitting ability on the ground. In particular, Heredia has a fast body rotation, It was possible to deal with breaking balls, and it was highly appreciated that the hitting speed was fast and there were many line drive balls.”

Cuban-born Heredia made his big league debut with the Seattle Mariners in 2016 and played seven seasons with the Tampa Bay Rays, 안전놀이터 Pittsburgh Pirates, New York Mets and Atlanta Braves. Heredia played in 591 games in his career and recorded 27 homers, a batting average of 0.231 and an OPS of 0.656. In particular, last year, he tasted the World Series (WS) championship as a member of Atlanta.

The US’Major League Trade Rumors (MLBTR)’ said, “Heredia played 74 games for Atlanta in the 2022 season and recorded a batting slash line of .158/.220/.342. Strikeout rate (39%) and below-average walks. The percentage (7.3%) was lousy,” he pointed out.

‘MLBTR’ said, “Heredia, who has a career .231/.310/.346, strikeout rate of 20%, and walk rate of 8.3%, has never stood out from the bat, but the defense was above average.” “This year, OAA 0, DRS 1, UZR 0.8, but posted OAA +5 or higher in five of seven career seasons.”

He predicted that if he had a successful season in Korea, he would be able to return to the major leagues. ‘MLBTR’ said, “As Atlanta has Ronald Acuna Jr., Michael Harris II, Eddie Rosario, and Marcel Ozuna, it was considered not essential to have Heredia. Compared to the minor leagues, heredia will increase the salary in Korea and , If his time in Korea bears fruit, he could seek a return to the major leagues.”

On the other hand, Heredia said, “I am excited to have a new start in the KBO League.” I will do my best. More than anything, I want to show a good image to Korean fans,” he said, expressing his feelings about joining SSG.

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