Why did the police not shoot the Taser while buying soju and chicken for the thief?

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In the middle of a residential area last weekend, former chef Jeongmo (37) made a fuss with a weapon in both hands, but the police did not use riot gear such as a taser gun (shock gun), and after convincing them through conversation, 2 hours 40 overpowered in minutes. In the process of persuasion, he even bought me soju and chicken as requested by Mr. Jeong.

However, on the 4th, Commissioner General Yoon Hee-geun ordered the front line to actively use police force such as firearms or Taser guns against the criminal on the scene if a real weapon riot crime occurred. It also announced that it would actively apply immunity to police officers who used firearms to subdue crimes. Regarding this, Professor Oh Yoon-seong of the Department of Police Administration at Soonchunhyang University told YTN

Newsrider on the 28th, “Citizens would have expected a different response from the police, but I personally think it would have been okay to shoot a blank bullet.” Since Mr. Jeong) tried to harm himself, he tried to eliminate the loss of life, and for about 2 hours (I think he persuaded him), even t

However, “a similar incident occurred in 2010. He fired his taser at the man who was about to harm himself, but as he fell, he was stabbed to death with his own weapon. At the time, the court judged that it was illegal because it was riotous for 70 minutes, but the situation was not urgent enough to use a Taser gun.”

He continued, “Even if the Commissioner of Police emphasizes 메이저놀이터(the use of suppression equipment), if you go to a court judgment and suffer personal disadvantage, you have no choice but to think that’firearms are throwing, not shooting’.” A man holding a gun and threatening a policeman opened fire, killing the man. The court judged that there was no imminent danger again and that it was illegal.”

Professor Oh also said, “What police officers are most afraid of is not 100-200 million won when a civil lawsuit is brought in by the bereaved family. He said, “It is a matter of judgment in the court after all. It is a bit far from the problem of the will of the police,” he said.

he police special forces were dispatched, but there was an element that made people feel uneasy.”

Meanwhile, the arrest warrant for Jung was dismissed on the same day.

Judge Jeong In-jae, who is in charge of warrants at the Seoul Western District Court, interrogated the suspect before arresting Mr. Jeong and dismissed the arrest warrant, saying, “The seriousness of the crime is acknowledged, but we are admitting and reflecting on the crime.”

Jeong is suspected of threatening the police (special obstruction of justice) with a weapon in both hands in the parking lot on the first floor of a six-story villa building in Galhyeon-dong, Eunpyeong-gu from 7:26 pm to 10 pm on the 26th.

After coming out of the interrogation, Mr. Jeong sobbed, “I didn’t commit the crime because of financial problems, but because I was upset. Her mother didn’t trust me, so she brought 3 million won to a shaman. She was so upset that she drank her alcohol and let her go.” “It was because the police came so many times that they were terrified,” he said.

Regarding the eight weapons he had, Mr. Jeong said, “I have no choice but to carry them because I am a cook.” The police confiscated all weapons, including two weapons he was holding in both hands and six weapons in his bag at the time of the disturbance.

Judging from the testimony of Mr. Jeong and his family, the police are investigating the exact circumstances of the crime, believing that it is possible that he committed the crime while having a conflict with his family over money.

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