“Where is Seunghwan Oh?” The reason why Park Young-hyun hangs around the Samsung locker room

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Samsung Lions match held at KT Wiz Park in Suwon on April 30th. Before the game, KT Wiz pitcher Park Young-hyeon (20) visited the Samsung locker room. Seeing him talking with Samsung rookies such as Lee Jae-hyeon (20) and Kim Young-woong (20), it seemed that he had come to meet his motives for joining in 2022. But the words that came out of his mouth were unexpected. “Oh Seung-hwan, when does training end?”

Park Young-hyeon has been ‘wanting Oh Seung-hwan’ since middle school. He idolized Oh Seung-hwan (41), who represents Samsung and Korea, and has developed his dream of becoming a baseball player. Even after wearing his KT uniform and making his professional debut, he has always said that Oh Seung-hwan is his role model. After breaking the record for the youngest save in the postseason on the fall stage, he said, “I’m proud that senior Oh Seung-hwan saw it.” 

In October of last year, we had a bold but meaningful meeting. Before the match against Samsung on October 4th, Park Young-hyeon took a coffee and went to the Samsung locker room to ask for a meeting with Oh Seung-hwan. A rookie who just made his professional debut showed the boldness of going to a veteran senior first. Park Young-hyun had a meaningful time taking pictures with his idol and exchanging phone numbers. 

Half a year later, when Samsung came to Suwon, Park Young-hyeon visited Seung-hwan Oh again. After a long wait, Park Young-hyun asked for advice from the idol he met again. In response to the junior’s question, “How can I keep my mentality without shaking on the mound?” Throw with confidence.” The juniors, whose thoughts were clear, threw more powerful balls and established themselves as an indispensable winning team for KT. 

The second year of his debut. For Park Young-hyun, who is playing more games than anyone else, the advice of idols was a great help. Currently, Park Young-hyun’s mission at KT is very important. Because of the injuries and sluggishness of seniors Pil Seung-jo, Park Young-hyun has more games and innings to be responsible for. For his heavy shoulders, the idol’s advice was a good opportunity for him to gain confidence.토스카지노

Park Young-hyeon maintained a courageous attitude even in the physically difficult forced march. He said, “It’s still early in the season, so his stamina and condition are all good. He will have a hard time going into the middle, but he can become a good player only if he endures this well.” 

Park Young-hyun’s dream is still to become a player like Oh Seung-hwan. He said, “This year, he hardened his heart and prepared for the season. It is my goal to play in many games as a Pilseungjoo, and I am achieving it well now.” I will run well until the end of the season.” 

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