What do you want to do as an owner? Championship! Then don’t buy Tottenham!

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Roman Abramovich, the heroic owner of Chelsea in the English Premier League (EPL). His secret was revealed. The main character who told this story is director Sven Goran Eriksson.

Director Eriksson revealed his relationship with Abramovich through a documentary. The time was 2003. Abramovich’s owner wanted to take over the EPL club, and the final candidates were two teams. The hometown had to be London, and one of the candidates was Chelsea and the other was Tottenham.

Abramovich’s owner sought advice from then-England national team manager Ericsson. Eriksson vividly remembered the conversation he had with Abramovich’s owner at the time.

Abramovich’s owner asked, “Please give me advice on which club to buy between Chelsea and Tottenham,” and coach Ericsson asked, “What do you want to do as the owner?”

Then Abramovich’s owner replied, “Winning”. Coach Ericsson recommended Chelsea, not Tottenham, saying, “If you want to win the championship, buy Chelsea. Chelsea is a team that can win if you only repair half of it.”메이저사이트

It was as he said. Less than 24 hours after this conversation ended, Abramovich bought Chelsea.

Chelsea took off after Abramovich became owner. Starting with winning the EPL in 2005, Chelsea has leaped to become a strong team in England and Europe, winning five league championships and two championships in the UEFA Champions League (UCL).

Roman Abramovich, former owner of Chelsea.

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