“Weren’t you an aspiring celebrity?”…Why the ‘shocking’ identity revealed after entering the country?

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A group of people who illegally entered the country by tricking the authorities into thinking that more than 100 foreign women were aspiring singers and models were arrested.

Yesterday (7th), the Ministry of Justice’s Ansan Immigration and Foreigners Office arrested four people, including a Korean broker, Mr. A, and an entertainment establishment manager, Mr. B, and sent four people, including Mr. C, the entertainment agency representative who falsely invited them, without detention, for a total of 12 people to Suwon. They announced that it had been transferred to the Anyang Branch of the District Prosecutors’ Office.

In order to illegally hire foreign women from Russia, Thailand, and other countries in entertainment establishments, they created false entertainment employment contracts and resumes pretending that they would work as models or singer trainees in Korea. Foreign women토토사이트 were falsely invited with visas such as arts and entertainment ( E-6-1 ). Mr. A and others delved into the fact that once an arts and entertainment visa is issued, one can stay in the country for at least three years and that it is not difficult to extend the period thereafter.

Previously, the Ansan Immigration and Foreigners Office conducted a search and seizure of an entertainment establishment located in Anyang-si, Gyeonggi-do in June last year, discovered 16 illegally employed foreign women, and began an investigation, including the circumstances of their invitation. As a result, we found that Mr. A and others committed crimes by acting as local recruiters in Russia and Thailand, etc., representatives of entertainment agencies with false invitations, employment brokers, and illegal employers at entertainment establishments from November 2020 to June of last year. .

When Broker A’s investigation began, she fled to Thailand in July of last year, but after being wanted by Interpol, she was arrested by the local immigration office and was forcibly repatriated to Korea in July of this year. It was also revealed that Ms. B, the manager of an entertainment establishment, had her establishment cracked down by the relevant authorities several times, but she avoided punishment by using someone else as the ‘pants owner’.

An official at the Ansan Immigration Office said, “Out of the 106 foreign women falsely invited by Mr. “We believe there will be more cases of foreign women disguising themselves as celebrities and entering the country illegally, so we will crack down on them strictly,” he said.

Also, in Busan, it was revealed that two Liberian public officials who were indicted on charges of luring two teenage middle school girls to a hotel and sexually assaulting them had their sentences reduced in the appeals court. Accordingly, the court ruled, “The defendants’ guilt is very serious, as they entered the country to attend an educational event and then lured victims who were only 14 years old, took them to a hotel, and jointly raped them,” and ordered them to disclose their personal information for five years and to be assigned to child and youth-related organizations. An employment ban of 5 years was ordered.

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