‘Weekly Wage of 400 Million’ DF… A match 5 minutes played and injured again

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Reese James (24, Chelsea) is hardly getting out of the swamp of injury.

The English Football Association announced on its official website on the 26th (Korean time) that “James is leaving the England national team due to ongoing problems such as a minor hamstring injury.”

James is considered one of the future leaders of English football. As a right-back with sharp attacking power, he predicted a bright future for his club Chelsea and the England national team.

He was also rewarded for his performance with his unconventional renewal of the contract. Chelsea empowered James’ future by signing a five-year contract extension with £250,000 a week (about 400 million won) last year.

The misfortune started this season. James suffered a knee injury in the Champions League group stage against AC Milan last October. As a result, his dream of participating in the World Cup was thwarted as he missed 60 days.

Injuries continued to plague James. After rehabilitation in December of last year, he made a difficult comeback, but suffered another knee injury during the return match and left the ground for 35 days.

Although he succeeded in returning again last month, he suffered from a hamstring injury and illness and was unable to maintain his performance. In the midst of this, James’ joining the England national team had no choice but to be uncomfortable for Chelsea.

Eventually, a problem arose.먹튀검증 James was injured despite playing only 5 minutes as a substitute in the 40th minute of the second half in the first leg of the Group C group stage of the Euro 2024 qualifier against Italy on the 24th.

The England Football Association said, “James will not be able to play against Ukraine on the 27th. He will return to Chelsea and he will be treated for ongoing problems.”

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