‘We spent 573 billion won and lost to Brighton 28 billion won’… Ten Haag refutes, “They sell it especially expensively to Manchester United”

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 As the country fell into a slump, transfer market spending also surfaced. The director seems aggrieved.

Manchester United lost 1-3 to Brighton & Hove Albion in the 5th round of the 2023-24 English Premier League (PL) held at Old Trafford on the 16th (Korean time). Manchester United, with 2 wins, 3 losses, 6 goals, and 10 conceded goals in 5 games, fell behind in 13th place. Brighton rose to 4th place with 4 wins, 1 loss, and 12 points.

Manager Eric ten Haag faced a crisis in his second year at Manchester United. 6 goals, 10 goals conceded in 5 games. Both offense and defense are problematic. Meanwhile, Anthony (23), who spent a lot of money last year, and striker Jadon Sancho (23), worth 73 million pounds (about 111.5 billion won), are disrupting the atmosphere of the club due to off-site issues.

In particular, criticism is growing against Manchester United, which spent a huge amount of money in the transfer market. According to the British media ‘Guardian’, the transfer fee for Manchester United’s starting players against Brighton amounted to 347 million pounds바카라 (about 573 billion won). The players selected by coach Ten Haag, including Lisandro Martinez (70 million pounds) and Rasmus Hoilun (72 million pounds), were particularly expensive.

On the other hand, Brighton, the opponent in the 5th round, spent 17 million pounds (about 28 billion won) in transfer fees to form the best 11 for the match against Manchester United. According to the ‘Guardian’, at the press conference after the game, ‘the difference in player value was large. A question was asked, ‘What is the reason for the poor performance?’

In response, coach ten Haag said, “(Brighton) spends transfer fees like everyone else does,” and added, “But when Manchester United enters the transfer market, the player’s price rises significantly.” (When Manchester United comes, it inflates the price [of players] )”, he said, expressing his unfair position.

In fact, Manchester United has often been dragged around by opposing clubs in the transfer market. In particular, when recruiting Hoilun, Manchester United made an initial offer of 31 million pounds to Atalanta. But Atalanta tried to sell their guts. In the end, Manchester United sided with Atalanta. Hoilun’s final transfer fee was reported to be 72 million pounds. Although he is a player with a promising future, it was a significant amount of money for a striker who scored 9 goals in Serie A last season.

Against Brighton, Hoilun could not smile even after hitting the net. It was confirmed through video review (VAR) that Marcus Rashford (24) crossed the end line just before he crossed. Hoilun, who was unable to play due to an injury at the beginning of the season, made his Manchester United debut as a substitute against Arsenal in the last round. He started as a starter against Brighton, but ended up scoring no points and was replaced by Anthony Martial (27) after 64 minutes. Manager Ten Haag said, “It’s good to see Hoyl Rune making his first appearance at Old Trafford. He played very well and the fans will have faith in him.”

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