‘Umbrella angel’ who protected the elderly from rain… ‘30,000 won in cash’ was also taken out.

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The image of a woman holding an umbrella for an old man pulling a cart in pouring rain is becoming a hot topic every day. It was additionally reported that this woman, who was nicknamed the ‘Umbrella Angel’, even gave the old man cash. When her own good deeds became a hot topic, the woman declined to be interviewed, saying, “Please tell me that I did what I had to 먹튀검증do because of my Christian faith.”

The Gyeonggi Ilbo reported a photo on the front page of its issue on the 30th of last month with the title ‘An angel gave an umbrella to an elderly person’. The photo quickly spread around online communities, earning the nickname ‘Umbrella Angel’. The photo was taken in Ansan, Gyeonggi-do on the 29th of last month.

In the photo, one shoulder and body of the woman sticking out of the umbrella were wet from the rain. It is known that Mr. A walked about 1 km with the old man.

As Mr. A’s good deed became a hot topic, Yonhap News TV interviewed an old man who shared an umbrella with Mr. A on the 1st.

An old man in his 80s who received help said, “I was very grateful. “He was very grateful,” he said, explaining the situation at the time, saying, “It was raining so I put the cart away and was on my way to eat.”

In addition, the old man announced Mr. A’s good deed by saying, “I told him to wait a moment, so he went to the mart, took out some money, and gave me 30,000 won in cash.”

Ms. A is a mother with children and is known to be working in the education field.

However, Ms. A felt burdened by the attention her good deeds received. Ms. A’s family refused (A to be interviewed) because they were “burdened” by her good deeds. “It is said that it is a burden to have the photo taken,” she said, adding, “I ask you to tell me that I naturally did what I had to do because of my Christian faith.”

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