“Touch my leg”… Taxi driver caught by police in her 20s for inducing sexual harassment

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A female passenger in her 20s who induced sexual harassment against a taxi driver by asking her to touch her body has been charged with assault토토사이트.

The Yeosu Police Station in South Jeolla Province announced on the 10th that it had prosecuted and investigated a woman in her 20s on charges of indecent assault.

According to the police, Mr. A is suspected of sexually harassing her taxi driver Mr. B by boarding a taxi in Hak-dong, Yeosu at 1:30 am on May 24th.

Her police investigation revealed that while she was on her way to her destination, Ungcheon-dong, Yeosu, she asked taxi driver B to pull her arm by his thigh and ask him to touch it.

Even in her black box video released by Mr. B, she is shown saying things like “Please touch my leg,” “I am not a flower snake,” and “I will not report it to the police.”

Mr. A and her taxi driver Mr. B, who also demanded that she turn off the taxi black box, scuffled for 10 minutes.

Eventually, Mr. A got off and her taxi driver, Mr. B, reported that she had been molested to the police after the incident. The police identified the identity of

passenger A by analyzing CC (closed circuit) TV , etc., centered on the point where passenger A got off.

In the police investigation, Mr. A is said to have stated to the effect that she “drinked a lot and I don’t remember.”

The police said, “We are also reviewing the application of assault charges.”

Meanwhile, in an interview with a media outlet in July, the taxi driver B said, “I worked a lot at night, but after that, I felt anxious when only female customers boarded.”

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