Tottenham will lose 50 billion won and give Ndombele… ‘Trying to win 2 consecutive championships’, a prestigious book in Turkey

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 French midfielder Tanguy Ndombele, who tasted the Italian Serie A championship in the 2022/23 season on loan from Tottenham to Naples, is expected to change the league next season and challenge for another champion.

The club that wants Ndombele is the prestigious Galatasaray, which is leading the Turkiye 1st division this season. The Turkish press ‘Takvim’ said, “The yellow-red team (Galatasaray) is eyeing a star who is playing on loan in Naples.” notified

In 2019, Ndombele, who made his nest in North London with Tottenham’s highest transfer fee at the time, for a transfer fee of 60 million euros (approximately 85 billion won) from Lyon, France, failed to adapt to the new team and gradually lost his ground. The director’s cold gaze eventually chose to rent Naples.

However, his trip to Naples turned out to be a godsend. Ndombele was active as the most useful member of the rotation in Naples and played 30 Serie A games (8 starting games), scoring an important goal on the way to Napoli’s victory in Turin on March 19th. Unlike his former teammates, he had the honor of lifting the trophy in Serie A.

Since Serie A awards the championship trophy at the final game of the league, the awards ceremony has not yet taken place, but Ndombele enjoyed the joy of winning the championship wearing a hood at the Napoli club’s own ceremony, which has already been held. It is also expected to receive a championship bonus paid by the Napoli club by sharing about 10 billion won.

However, because of the contract between Tottenham and Napoli, it seems difficult to leave Ndombele in Naples next season.스포츠토토

Napoli used Ndombele cheaply this season by paying only 1 million euros in rent, but this summer they have to pay a transfer fee of 25 million euros for a complete transfer. Napoli decided to return to Tottenham after concluding that the midfielder was not worth that amount.

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