Tomorrow it will be cloudy and rainy across the country… Normal temperature recovery

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When you think of fall, the first thing that comes to mind is clear skies.

Today was a disappointing day with gloomy skies across the country토토사이트.

Sudden showers may occur until the evening.

It will fall mainly on the southern region of Chungcheong.

It is expected to be as small as 5mm and as large as 40mm.

It will rain loudly, accompanied by gusts of wind and lightning.

Tomorrow, the sky will not be good across the country either.

Rain will fall nationwide in the afternoon, starting from the west and Jeju in the morning.

This rain will continue across the country until the day after tomorrow.

Up to 60mm of rain is expected in Yeongdong, Gangwon, Jeonnam, and Yeongnam.

Other areas, including the metropolitan area, are expected to see 10 to 40 mm of rain.

Please refer to the latest weather information carefully.

Please make sure to bring an umbrella.

As such, the unseasonable heat will be alleviated with cloudy weather and rain falling here and there.

It was hot in Seoul today, reaching around 30 degrees.

Tomorrow we will stay at the 25th parallel.

The seasonal clocks will gradually return to their original positions.

Rain in the central region will continue through the day on Thursday and then stop temporarily.

Rain is expected to continue for a long time in most parts of the country between Friday and the holiday.

We have told you about the weather so far.

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