Throwing fireworks at a patrol car… 13 people sent for ‘urban motorcycle riding’

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A motorcycle biker who drove recklessly in downtown Jinju, Gyeongsangnam-do was handed over to the prosecution.

Most of them were teenagers, middle and high school students, and some even fired firecrackers at chasing patrol cars.

This is reporter Lim Hyeong-jun.

Several motorcycles race by as if they have taken over the road.

He drives left and right acrobatically, and waves his arms back and forth as if taunting the police chasing him.

They even shoot firecrackers at patrol cars.

It was confirmed that there were over 120 violations of traffic laws, including illegal U-turns and reverse driving.

[Lieutenant Jeong Han-wook / Police officer dispatched at the time: The sirens were sounding and warnings were being broadcast, so they were following him, so he made a sudden stop, violated a signal, crossed the center line, and went backwards… . [There was a lot of risky behavior.]

Most of those who rode motorcycles were teenage middle and high school students.

A group of motorcycle riders gathered on the road near the local general hospital and began racing at dawn.

Five motorcycles continued their dangerous runaway for about 10 km.

Fortunately, no one was injured or property was damaged, but reports from residents continued.

[Nearby residents: Listen to the sound, as you live. (Sound of a motorcycle passing by making a loud noise.)

The police chased them for seven months and arrested토토사이트 all 13 people.

[Inspector Jeong-min Yoon / Gyeongnam Police Agency Traffic Investigation Unit: They were arrested sequentially through communications investigation, search and seizure of mobile phones, and investigation of call records and base stations.] The police showed that they admitted to the crime and

showed remorse by participating in a youth guidance program . It was handed over to the prosecution without detention.

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