This time, ‘Skickboard Bikini Woman’ in Hongdae… “Looks like he wants attention, let’s just turn off his attention”

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Controversy has arisen as a woman was caught riding a kickboard in a bikini swimsuit in the middle of Seoul in broad daylight.

On the 14th, a number of photos and an article titled ‘The girl in a kickboard bikini appeared in Seoul’ were posted on various online communities. The photo shows women wearing only bikinis riding kickboards in Hongdae, a busy street with a lot of floating population.

The woman roamed the streets of Hongdae on a kickboard in a bikini토토사이트, and even walked among people alone.

The identity of the woman in question was revealed to be ‘Hanore’, a YouTuber and Twitch streamer.

She is one of the four so-called ‘Gangnam Bikini Riding’ who rode a motorcycle in a bikini on Teheran-ro in Gangnam, Seoul on the 11th.

At the time, the police were dispatched to the scene after receiving a report that four motorcycles carrying women in bikinis and helmets were wandering around. After about 20 minutes, they stopped near the Hyundai Department Store Trade Center branch and randomly accompanied them to investigate. They are known to have stated, “I rode a motorcycle for the purpose of promoting a magazine.”

Netizens reacted to the successive appearances of women in bikinis in the city center, such as “I doubted my eyes”, “You need to know how to wear a bikini”, “They want attention, so let’s just turn off their attention”. .

On the other hand, under the Misdemeanor Punishment Act, overexposure can be applied if you openly expose important parts of the body in a public place and cause shame or discomfort to others. Violation may result in fines of up to 100,000 won, detention, or minor fines.

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