“There was no way to contact” Teacher assault student’s parent’s belated apology

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In connection with the incident in which a female elementary school teacher in Yangcheon-gu, Seoul, was indiscriminately assaulted by her 6th grade pupil, the parents of the students expressed their belated apology. Her student was given a ‘transfer’ action, the highest water action.

According to the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education on the 20th, an elementary school in Yangcheon-gu held a teacher rights protection committee (Kyobo) and decided to transfer, the highest level of disposition, for 6th grader B who assaulted female homeroom teacher A.

Schools and city/provincial offices of education can take seven measures against students who infringe on teachers’ educational activities: school/social service, special education, suspension of attendance, class replacement, school transfer, and expulsion바카라. However, elementary and middle schools, which are compulsory educational institutions, cannot be expelled, which is the most severe punishment.

Previously, on the 30th of last month, Mr. A was assaulted dozens of times by Group B, including being pinned to the floor in front of classmates watching.

Group B is a student with emotional/behavioral disorder who takes a special class for 1 hour a day. At the time, Mr. A was known to have been assaulted in the process of convincing her B that she wanted to go to PE class instead of her counseling class.

Although Mr. A was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder ( PTSD ) due to injuries and psychological sequelae of three weeks before treatment , the parents of Group B said they would report Mr. A and other teachers to the education office, causing controversy.

Afterwards, Mr. A’s husband posted an appeal on the online community ‘Blind’ and explained that Group B’s parents had called the school, not his wife, to apologize. And he said that it was not only Mr. B’s fault that this happened, but also his wife’s fault.

As the wave grew, Group B’s parents expressed their apology through SBS , saying, “I want to ask Mr. A for forgiveness,” and “B is also reflecting.” As for the reason for not apologizing to Mr. A, he explained, “I tried to contact Mr. A several times through school, but I did not receive her personal cell phone number, so there is no way to contact him.”

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