The wizard’s 8th and 9th episodes are ‘stone fastball’ performances… The genealogy of the kt finish meets like that

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 kt coach Lee Kang-cheol is constantly worried about the departure of many key players from injuries, but at least the match against Suwon SSG on the 18th was relatively comfortable. He didn’t have much to worry about running the mound. Coach Lee, who met on the 19th, sighed in relief, saying, “I hope we can play like yesterday.”

Starter Ko Young-pyo overcame the crisis at the beginning of the game, and after that, he quickly organized the innings and ate 7 innings with 91 pitches. KT, whose bullpen depth has significantly weakened due to the injuries of Kim Min-soo and Sovereignty, did not have much to worry about next time. The scheduled players had to go out at the expected time. The 8th was the time for Park Young-hyeon (20), who has now become the team’s key setup man, and the 9th was the time for Kim Jae-yoon (33), a strong finisher.

The two players worked together for two scoreless innings and closed the game. The pitches shown by the two players were formidable. Park Young-hyeon, who had the burden of fighting, was showing his previous pitch after taking a break for three days. Kim Jae-yoon turned the SSG batting line around with an unstoppable fastball match.

Kim Jae-yoon is the history of the kt bullpen and a living witness in itself. On the 19th, he made a save against Suwon SSG and climbed the 140th save hill for the 10th time in the KBO League history. Of course, it is a first in the Wiz franchise. Ahead of the free agent (FA) season, his performance is formidable. He pitches 7⅔ innings in six games and has an earned run average of zero.

What’s surprising is that he didn’t get a single hit in 7⅔innings. His on-base per inning (WHIP) is only 0.39. He is one of the few players who stand firm in the end of the ordeal. Director Lee also applauded, saying, “Kim Jae-yoon’s pitch is good.” This is one of the highest praises that can be given to coach Lee, who was born as a great pitcher and naturally has no choice but to be harsh on pitcher evaluations.

Park Young-hyun, who is selected as the next-generation finisher, is also struggling as a setup man responsible for the 8th inning this year. His pitch is so good that coach Lee marked him as the next-generation finisher. Park Young-hyeon is one of the players that not only kt but the other 9 clubs envy the most in kt. “The fastball comes alive” is a common evaluation. It is one of the best fastballs on the team selected by Lee. Director Lee said, “In general, the charm of fastball is that Younghyun talks a lot,” so no further explanation is needed.

The two players have one thing in common: a powerful fastball, but the way they play the game is slightly different. Of course, there is a small chance that one hitter will meet both players at the same time in a game, but the deciding ball is different. Director Lee explained, “Kim Jae-yoon has a slider and a forkball, and Young-hyun has a changeup.먹튀검증” The lineage of kt’s finishing line is like that, meeting with one inning in between. Perhaps it is a great blessing for Park Young-hyun to be able to learn from the good finisher Kim Jae-yoon.

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