The true face of a bad boy?… “It’s easy when you know it”

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“(Choi) Junyong? It’s easy when you know it.”

Choi Jun-yong (29),안전놀이터 who was evaluated as one of the biggest free agent players (FA), joined hands with KCC. He signed for a total of 600 million won (420 million won in annual salary and 180 million won in incentives) in his first season in the 5-year contract period. With this, KCC can show off its stronger power. Choi Jun-yong, who attended the press conference held at the KBL Center on the 22nd, said, “There is a lot of talk about the salary. I also received such conditions,” he said. “I want to be a basketball king rather than a salary king. I will make KCC the king,” he emphasized.

There are concerns as well as expectations. The technical aspect is certain. However, it is a very unique style. In the past, unexpected actions were also captured several times. It remains to be seen whether he can fully integrate into the team. Heo Woong, who visited the press conference that day, made everyone laugh by saying, “I’m worried about my personal life.” KCC coach Jeon Chang-jin said, “To be honest, I was very surprised to meet (Choi) Jun-yong. It was different from seeing it from the outside. He’s manly and straightforward,” he said. “As a multiplayer, I think he’ll help a lot.”

Adaptation itself does not seem difficult. There are quite a few people who have been breathing in the national team. I was with ‘Ace’ Heo Woong even when I was a student at Yonsei University. Director Jeon Chang-jin said, “Heo-ung, who is like a fox, is in the middle. He said, “I think Woong’s role will be important.” Heo Woong said, “I think the director was joking, but in fact, Jun-yong is a friend with a lot of tenderness and affection when living together. He has a personality that gets along well with his senior and junior team members. makes me laugh a lot I wonder if I can really happily play basketball next season,” he laughed.

I’m trying to start a happy imagination. Heo Woong, Lee Seung-hyun, Choi Jun-yong, and Song Gyo-chang, who will return in November. A national team-level lineup is indeed possible. Heo Woong said, “I don’t think there will be many opportunities like this while playing. I am grateful to the club,” he expressed his heart. “Isn’t Jun-yong a player that everyone recognizes? He seems to have a lot of plus factors. He added that he would not be afraid of the opposing team.” Choi Jun-yong said, “Woong said he didn’t have a (winner’s) ring. I want to fill his fingers,” he expressed confidence.

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