The time of choice has finally arrived… The fate of 24 people will be decided soon, what choices will the 7 directors make

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The time to choose has finally arrived.

On the 27th at 3pm, the 2023 KOVO Men’s Asian Quarter Draft will be held at the Jeju Sun Hotel. Two practice games and in-depth interviews were held on the 25th and 26th, and only the draft, the final schedule for the tryouts, remained.

A total of 24 players participated in this Asian Quarter Draft. In order to show off his presence, he did his best by exerting 100%, no 200% of his strength. I flailed and screamed. Even though most of the players were new to each other, they cheered each other up.

Seven managers, coaching staff, and officials watched the players with eagle eyes and to some extent narrowed down the list of nomination candidates. Originally, the last practice game was scheduled for the morning of the 27th, but the practice game was canceled. This can be interpreted as meaning that everyone has made plans for the first and second candidates in their minds.

The players who are selected as the top candidates for this draft are definitely Bayarsaihan (Baira) and Eddy. The two young Mongolians have been living in Korea for six years. Bira attended Inha University and Eddie attended Sungkyunkwan University, where he played as an athlete in Korea and is fluent in Korean. He even has thoughts of naturalization. His skills aren’t far behind either. Only the ranking has not been decided, but the nomination seems certain.

Also, Japan’s libero Ryohei Igawa and 203cm tallest middle blocker, Taiwanese Taiwanese Tsai Pei-chang, stand out. Lee Ga caught the eye of Korean Air and KEPCO, and Chai Pei-chang of teams that needed reinforcement of their middle blockers.

These four are likely to be nominated. In addition, Issey Otake, a 202 cm apogee spiker from Japan, and Mark Espeho from the Philippines are also attracting attention.

Everything has to leave its fate to the beads. Unlike the previous rookie draft and foreign draft, marbles are given equally to all teams. 10 each, the probability is the same at 14.2%. Depending on the situation, the team ranked 6th or 7th may give up the nomination.크크크벳

At 3:00 PM, the fate of the 24 participants in the Asia Quarter will be decided. Which player will be on the V-League court next season?

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