The Rising Sun Flag appears at the Tokyo Dome where the Korea-Japan War took place… KBO, direct protest [2023 WBC]

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The rising sun flag appeared at the Tokyo Dome on the 10th, when the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC) match between Korea and Japan was held.먹튀검증

There have been several times when Japanese spectators cheered for the rising sun flag at international competitions and the Korean side protested several times.

A man wearing glasses disappeared from a seat on the second floor of the Tokyo Dome outfield holding the rising sun flag.

In international competitions organized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the International Football Federation (FIFA), the use of phrases with political intentions is strictly prohibited. The Rising Sun flag, which symbolizes Japan’s national militarism, is also banned.

However, the WBC, which is held under the leadership of the Major League Baseball (MLB) Secretariat, does not have clear regulations.

The Korea Baseball Organization (KBO), concerned that the rising sun flag would appear again in the Korea-Japan match in Japan, requested the WBC Organizing Committee (WBCI) and the Japan Round Organizing Committee to stop cheering for the rising sun flag twice in February and March.

A KBO official said, “The WBCI side replied, ‘We are aware of the Rising Sun Flag controversy and will review whether it is possible to limit the import by applying the rules for cheering tools and cheering flags.” I said I would,” he said.

Nevertheless, the Rising Sun Flag was brought in and appeared at the stadium.

The KBO immediately protested to the WBCI and Japan Round Organizing Committee after confirming that the Rising Sun Flag had appeared. According to KBO officials, the organizing committee promised to take action immediately.

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