The People Power Party accuses three radio hosts of “false broadcasting for public goods”

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The People Power Party has decided to file a complaint against current affairs radio hosts who covered related content, following the media reporters who cited and reported ‘Kim Man-bae’s recording’.

It is claimed that the reputation of then-presidential candidate Yoon Seok-yeol was damaged by spreading false information.

The opposition party criticized the move, saying it was an intention to expel the media that was a thorn in their eyes, and calling for a ‘Daejang-dong special investigation’ to reveal the truth.

Reporter Cho Hee-won covered the story.

◀ Report ▶

The People Power Party announced that it would report to the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency tomorrow against three current affairs radio hosts who mentioned Newstapa’s recording of Kim Man-bae on air.

[Du-hyun Yoon/Chairman of the People Power Party Media Policy Coordination Special Committee]
“These three, Eo-jun Kim, Jin-woo Joo, and Gyeong-young Choi, broadcast false facts while hosting a radio current affairs program, which is a토토사이트 public property, and greatly damaged the reputation of the party’s presidential candidate.”

This is an additional measure that came after the six individual journalists who reported quoting Kim Man-bae’s recording were reported on the 7th.

The People’s Power Party claimed that they used ‘overly provocative expressions’ to ‘strongly mislead people to believe that the recordings, which were suspected to be false, were true.’

At the same time, he said, “Today’s most important news, it can change the perception of Daejeon-dong,” or “It is a variable in the presidential election.”

A third additional accusation was also announced, following those against individual reporters and radio hosts.

[Won Young-seop/People Power Party Media Legal Department Head]
“We announce that we plan to thoroughly analyze current affairs production programs where whistle-blowing occurred and take legal action.”

Regarding the situation in which the ruling party continues to file accusations against journalists, the Democratic Party criticized the situation as “an intention to expel journalists and broadcasters who were seen as a thorn in their side from broadcasting.”

[Choi Min-seok/Democratic Party Youth Spokesperson]
“What kind of media can freely practice journalism if they restrict reporting they don’t like like this?”

At the same time, he responded by saying that if the ‘Daejang-dong suspicion’ is not considered an excuse to suppress the opposition party and the media, the truth should be revealed through a special prosecutor.

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