The newly born women’s soccer team with a new uniform, “There is no burden even during menstruation”

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The color of the New Zealand women’s national soccer team’s uniform pants will be changed to turquoise. The New Zealand Football Federation (NZF) directly moved to ease the burden of players wearing white pants during menstruation. In addition, ‘exclusive’ uniforms for female players are being born one by one, such as the color of the uniform pants of the ‘absolute strong’ England women’s soccer team changed to blue.

The NZF announced on the 4th (Korean time), “We will change the white pants of the women’s national team home uniform to turquoise.” “This is the first time that a women’s national team uniform kit has been prepared that does not include white shorts,” he added, “a change in line with the global trend of not forcing white shorts on female players.”

It is symbolic that New Zealand gave up the 40-year-old ‘all white’ uniform for the convenience of female players. New Zealand women’s national team striker Hannah Wilkinson said: “It’s fantastic that the white pants are gone for women who have menstrual anxiety. This change allows us to focus more on our performance.”

The England women’s soccer team also changed the color of their shorts from white to blue. The England Football Association (FA) did not reveal the exact reason for the color change, but since last year there has been a request from the team that “wearing a white uniform during menstruation is not practical”, so it seems that the decision reflects their request.

Sports brand Nike is also taking the lead in producing ‘women-friendly uniforms’. Nike unveiled the ‘2023 Women’s National Soccer Team Uniform Collection’ on its website on the 3rd. It is the first dedicated uniform designed to make women players play as comfortably as possible.

The biggest feature of the new uniform is that it is ‘menstrually friendly’. In addition to the dark color, a new special material that does not stain menstrual blood has been introduced. Nike called it ‘One Leak Protection: Period’ and confidently said, “It was produced after numerous wear tests, material verification, and blood absorption tests.” “I created it with the hope that women could feel more confident and more comfortable playing sports,” she said.

Nike also obtained data on the movement and body shape of female players through body scans and 3-dimensional (3D) tools. Based on this, all elements that cause inconvenience to play, such as seam lines, waist bands, and sweat marks, were improved to complete a more ‘leveled up’ uniform.

The women’s national soccer teams of each country, including the Netherlands and England, will gather together for the first time wearing new uniforms at the ‘2023 FIFA Australia-Netherlands Women’s World Cup’ to be held in July.메이저놀이터USA Today gave meaning to the birth of the female-only uniform, saying, “It is the result of female players working hard to remove all factors that interfere with their play.” Kimberly Chang Mendes, CEO of Nike Korea, said, “Nike is investing more in women than ever so that all women do not compromise on sports or the environment. We will solve the problems women face and achieve meaningful innovation.” .

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