The miracle of a rebound that “came back from hell” gave Boston

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Boston dramatically survived. 

The Boston Celtics won 104-103 against the Miami Heat in Game 6 of the 2023 NBA Playoffs Eastern Conference Finals held at the Caseya Center in Miami on the 28th (Korean time). 

Game 6,메이저놀이터 where advances and elimination depended, was a great match. Boston, which had been leading throughout the game, seemed to be getting closer to victory relatively easily, creating a double-digit score in the middle of the fourth quarter, but Miami counterattacked fiercely. Jimmy Butler exploded in the game, and Reed eventually headed to Miami.

In a 0-3 situation, Boston, which continued to have hopes, faced a crisis that could end the season. Boston’s last attack started with 3.0 seconds left behind by 1 point. Marcus Smart, who had a good shot feeling that day, threw a 3-point shot, but the ball circulated over the rim and escaped.

But the goddess of victory did not turn away from Boston. Derek White’s tenacity to focus on the game until the end shone. After passing an inbound pass to Smart, White ran toward the rim and, despite being short, grabbed a rebound and scored a putback with the closing buzzer. As a result of the video review, the goal was recognized, and Boston won a dramatic victory by one point.

White, who became the main character of the theater winning shot, looked back on the situation, saying, “I wasn’t sure that the goal would be awarded because the time was so close. There was no one, and I threw a shot as the ball came to me. We should have overcome this situation, but we did it.” 

For Miami, it was painful to miss White while focusing on defending opposing ace Jayson Tatum. He chose the most effective defense method, but the results did not follow. 

Manager Eric Spoelstra said of Max Struss’ final shot where he missed White, “Struss did the right thing. We got everyone else to get the ball but Tatum. Tatum got the ball and tried to shoot. It was the opponent’s most powerful attack. I have no regrets about the last scene.”

The morale of the restored Boston team is at its peak. Jaylen Brown smiled, saying, “Derek White came like lightning and saved us. He went to hell and came back alive. This victory gave us the confidence to move forward.”

No team in NBA history has ever won a series that started with three straight losses. However, with the victory in Game 6 added, the atmosphere itself has completely shifted to Boston. Game 7 between the two teams is already receiving considerable attention, with ticket prices skyrocketing.

Can Boston, who has truly come back from hell, hold on to Game 7? Attention is drawn to the results of Game 7, which will be held on the 30th.

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