The man who appeared on the 5th… Catch up closely and ‘suck’

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This is a stall at the 5-day market held in Asan, Chungcheongnam-do last June토토사이트

A suspicious passer-by wearing a hat sneaks up on a bag behind a citizen who is shopping.

Then he takes out something and leaves the scene with his hands hidden. 

This time, the man followed closely behind the passerby.

With your left hand, slip your belongings out of the bag of the person in front of you.

Although the impression was different, it was the same person. 

After receiving a report of the damage, the police changed into plain clothes and started working undercover.

After finding the suspect leaving the subway ticket gate, the police figured out the escape route in advance considering that the suspect would run away in a crowded market, and eventually arrested Mr. A, a man in his 50s, on the spot.

Mr. A was a repeat offender who already had a criminal record such as theft.

Mr. A was charged with stealing 5.9 million won on eight occasions.

The police arrested Mr. A and sent him to custody.

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