The lonely exit of the 14-year-old legend, director Kim Sang-shik’s sad ending that couldn’t overcome the weight of the crown

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The club’s legend accepted his fate lonely.

Manager Kim Sang-shik voluntarily resigned on the 4th, ending his relationship with Jeonbuk Hyundai. Now he is a ‘former’ manager.

The background of his resignation is, of course, poor performance. Until coach Kim’s departure, Jeonbuk recorded a poor record of 3 wins, 1 draw and 6 losses in 10 matches this season, and placed in 10th place, equivalent to the relegation zone. Jeonbuk, which had to compete for the title, was sluggish, unable to return to the normal track until a double-digit game was played, and in the end, coach Kim took responsibility for this and resigned from his position. Despite repeated dissuades from the parent company, director Kim stuck to his firm intention to quit.

It is a ‘sad ending’ both for Kim personally and for Jeonbuk.

Coach Kim is clearly a Jeonbuk legend. He has been in Jeonbuk for 14 years. He joined as a player in 2009 and went through coaching and coaching, boasting a history of winning all K-League 1 championships. In 2009 and 2011, he became the champion as a player, and in 2014-2015, 2017, and 2018-2020, he helped the team win as a coach. In 2021, when he transformed into a manager, he kissed the trophy. While coach Kim was there, Jeonbuk kept the ‘throne’.

Above all, he protected the team in difficult times and made a decisive contribution to helping Jeonbuk stand at the top. When director Choi Kang-hee left for China in 2018, director Kim also received an offer to accompany him. It was an offer that guaranteed a much higher salary than staying in Jeonbuk and working as a coach, but coach Kim was left alone. It was because of the strong dissuade from players at the time, including Lee Dong-guk.

In this way, coach Kim assisted Morais, the foreign commander, as a coach. Players who were accustomed to coach Choi Kang-hee’s style had a hard time adapting to the unfamiliar coach, but coach Kim, as a coach, encouraged his juniors and pupils and acted as a bridge to keep the team from collapsing. Thanks to this, Jeonbuk was able to win the fight against Ulsan Hyundai.

Coach Kim, who undoubtedly should decorate a page in the history of Jeonbuk, could not overcome the weight of the throne. In his first season, he won the championship by winning the competition with Ulsan Hyundai, but missed the title last season, and his performance fell to the bottom this year.

The process was more disappointing than the outcome. The biggest problem was that the Jeonbuk squad was unable to improve their performance. Recently, many leaders who follow the trend of trendy world soccer are appearing in the K-League. However, coach Kim failed to prove his ability in terms of his football. Unlike his strong and clear leadership that unites his players, he showed weaknesses in other aspects, such as player recruitment, tactical construction, and crisis management, which lacked intentions and utilization plans.메이저놀이터

In the process, he was turned away from the fans who should be his strongest supporters. In the process, there were reasonable criticisms, but there were also criticisms or actions that crossed the line. Manager Kim, the club’s legend, has changed to an environment where it is difficult for him to maintain composure. In the end, both sides ran parallel lines with hurt feelings to an impossible level, and this year, a cheering boycott reached a catastrophe that hindered the players’ performance.

Although he left Jeonju Castle in disgrace, the fact that coach Kim is a legend of Jeonbuk does not change. Leaving behind the bitterness, coach Kim left a message saying, “As a fan who loves Jeonbuk, I will cheer you on from afar,” you can see the invisible link between Jeonbuk and coach Kim.

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