The incumbent policeman said, “In the case of the murderous man, each citizen should survive”… why?

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Recently, in the midst of a violent incident with a weapon at Sillim Station and Seohyeon Station, a post by a presumed police officer is a hot topic.

On the 3rd, an article by author A, who was officially certified as a member of the National Police Agency, was posted on the online community ‘Blind’.

The author said, ‘Kalburim Incident? The people posted an article titled, “Let’s live on our own” and said, “To those who have suffered damage due to the stabbing incident, I hope that you will receive good treatment and become healthy, and I will give you words of consolation first.”

The author argued, “In the future, bizarre crimes such as the Do not ask crime are likely to increase, but the police have no way to do so,” and argued, “The people should take care of themselves.”

“The police take unlimited responsibility토토사이트 for all the problems and civil complaints in the world, such as heavy rain and heat waves, thanks to the ignorance of each government department. In addition, police officers are dying to protect the human rights of criminals. The police, which have the highest suicide rate among public officials, will not be able to stand it any longer.” he wrote.

The author referred to a case in which the police were involved in a lawsuit for excessive suppression.

Mr. A said, “Even though the criminal case was acquitted for shooting a man who was attacking with a scythe, a judgment was made to compensate 100 million won in a civil lawsuit.” , There is also a case in which 78 million won was compensated in civil cases. It is because it is a mistake not to accurately shoot the thigh of a target that is moving at the same time as fighting.”

In addition, “I shot a taser gun at a knife-wielding criminal, but the criminal himself fell and was stabbed with the knife he was holding. However, there was also a 2011 legend precedent that demanded compensation of hundreds of millions of won, saying that ‘the police officer should have predicted the direction of the criminal’s fall.’ there is,” he said.

Mr. A pointed out, “Then, should I kneel down and beg him to go with me, saying ‘Teacher’ instead of handcuffing X who goes wild with a knife?”

He continued, “The police command department is a manual on how to use firearms every time, so we’ve seen it once or twice that they say, ‘I don’t know me.’ “he criticized.

He said, “There are still dozens of ridiculous precedents that favor criminals, and what do you think when you see them?” I work with the thought that it is really a place where I can live on my own.”

At the same time, he complained, “In an environment where new employees who started with a sense of mission have no choice but to become police officers with safety and complacency in three years, active police officers cannot come out.”

On the other hand, Police Commissioner Yoon Hee-geun said in connection with a series of indiscriminate weapon riots at the Seodaemun-gu Police Agency on the afternoon of the 4th, “We do not hesitate to use legitimate police force such as firearms and Taser guns for crimes of weapon riots. We will actively apply it to support law enforcement in the field.”

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