The cruel iron cage disappears and ‘Blue Sprout’… Will it be a new alternative to ‘dog food’?

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A dog farmer gave up the farm after being persuaded by an animal protection group, and adopted dogs that had been raised for food. Could it be a new alternative to the dog food controversy?

Reporter Choi Ji-woo covered the story.


Hit a slaughtered dog.

It is intended to be distributed for edible purposes.

The dog is on a leash.

You can also see iron skewers.

It is estimated that there are hundreds of such slaughterhouses across the country.

As these videos were released, the dog eating controversy grew토토사이트.

The positions of the animal protection groups, which said that dogs should not be eaten, and the business owners, who said that they would have no way to live if they stopped immediately, collided.

I tried to find out if I could quit the dog farm if there was support.

Dogs are locked in cages.

He looks very scared with his tail down.

This is a dog farm that Yang Jong-tae has been running for 30 years.

However, it closed in March.

And I planted sesame leaves and cabbage in this spot.

[Yang Jong-tae/Former dog farm owner: You are free because you don’t breed dogs. I don’t care about others, and it’s fun to build (farming) these kinds of agricultural products.] About

200 dogs I raised are immigrating to the United States and Canada.

We received support from an international animal protection organization.

Through this organization, a total of 18 dog farms have been closed in Korea since 2015, and about 2,700 dogs have been adopted.

[Lee Sang-kyung / Animal protection organization official: I will not engage in an industry that harms or damages animals… ( HSI provides subsidies to help these people demolish and change jobs.]

Experts advised that if local governments step up and provide vocational training, it can have a greater effect.

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