The beautiful Lee Da-young’s current situation ‘It’s already Korea’

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Lee Da-young, who left for Romania on ‘It’s already Korea’, reported the news of her return to Korea.

On the 26th, Lee Da-young released her full-length picture through her personal SNS. In her photo, Young showed off her beauty in her pink bikini swimsuit.

Lee Da-young played for Rapid Bucharest, a volleyball team in Romania in the 22-23 season, but was unable to play several games due to injury.

Nevertheless, his team Bucharest finished 4th in the regular season with 16 wins and 4 losses in 20 games and 43 match points, and made it to the playoffs. However, in the playoffs, they lost 0-2 against champions CSM Alba Blah in the semifinals.

Rapid Bucharest, who lost 0-3 in the 3rd and 4th place decision series to Lugoi on May 3rd, seems to be currently on vacation due to their schedule after the playoffs.먹튀검증

In a photo he posted on social media in April, a photo of him wearing a training suit from a domestic financial company was revealed. Through this, some fans have carefully anticipated his return to Korea. However, nothing is known about his specific team for the 23/24 season yet.

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