“Thank you for trusting me” Seoi-cho teacher’s letter to parents of students last year

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A letter written by A teacher at Seoi Elementary School in Seocho-gu, Seoul, who recently made an extreme choice, to the parents of the first-year class she was in charge of last year was revealed. Teacher A, born in 1998, first taught as a first-year homeroom teacher at this school in March of last year, and served as a first-year homeroom teacher this year as well.

On the 21st, the Seoul Teachers’ Union released a letter written by teacher A on its official Instagram, saying, “We are releasing a handwritten letter from the deceased that parents remember in the 2022 school year as a means of commemoration.” The letter was sent by teacher A to the parents of the 2022 first grade class on February 10th.

In the letter, teacher A said, “I want to express my gratitude, so I am trying to convey my feelings through a letter.”

Teacher A said, “2022 was a year like a gift to me.” As I spent each day with 27 children who were pure and shining like jewels, I often thought, ‘Will I ever be able to meet such good kids again while working as a teacher?’” he said.


Lastly, teacher A said, “It may be difficult to gather all the class X classmates together in one space, but I hope we can remember each other and bring good memories. I will cheer for the children to be healthy and happy anytime, anywhere. It was an honor to be the homeroom teacher for Class 1 X.”

Meanwhile, teacher A, who was in charge of the first grade homeroom at Seoi Elementary School this year as well as last year, was discovered on the 18th after making an extreme choice in the school. The Seoul Teachers’ Union is raising suspicion that there is a malicious complaint from parents behind the death of teacher A.

However, the police said that as a result of analyzing the memo-type diary left by teacher A, there was no content that a certain parent had been ‘gap-jil’. The police plan to confirm the overall suspicion and actively investigate if illegal acts of obstruction of business are found.

He continued, “I was able to teach with more passion while being grateful to Heavenly Luck.” “As a homeroom teacher, I deeply thank you for trusting and entrusting our precious children and always supporting them in their school life.”

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