“Take care of parents-in-law for 18 years” Kim Eun-kyung’s “lie” refutation… Politicians are noisy again

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 In the process of apologizing for the remarks by Kim Eun-kyung, chairman of the innovation committee of the Democratic Party of Korea, who caused a controversy over the’remarks disparaging the elderly’, there was a refutation that it was a lie about saying that she had served her parents-in-law for 18 years after the death of her husband. Another controversial issue in politics.

Kim Mo, who identified herself as the sister-in-law of Kim Innovation Committee, posted a blog post on the 5th, saying, “It is a red lie that a person who did not attend her husband’s memorial service, let alone a holiday, served her parents-in-law for 18안전놀이터 years after her husband’s death…” “Disparaging the elderly.” was a daily routine for her.”

Mr. Kim said, “(Chairman Kim) has never lived with his parents-in-law, including when her husband was alive, and (the parents-in-law) received all sorts of bad words and threats from Kim Eun-kyung for 18 years, not respect.” I am writing this with a heavy heart so as not to i

On the 6th, Secretary General Lee Chul-gyu introduced an article on Facebook citing the claim of Chairman Kim’s sister-in-law, saying, “The person who entrusted innovation of the giant opposition party to this kind seems to be the same type.” .

Chief Spokesperson Kang Min-guk also met with reporters at the National Assembly that day and said, “The first thing to do is whether or not the article is true,” but said, “If it is true, it is very shocking.”

Chief spokesman Kang added, “I will tell you about the party’s position or judgment after figuring out the truth.”

In the Democratic Party, there was a strong airflow that a cautious approach was needed as it was Chairman Kim’s personal affair and the factual relationship had not been confirmed.

At a press conference on the 100th day of his inauguration, Park Kwang-on said, “It is not appropriate for me to comment because it is a personal matter. I think you might have it.”

An official from the Innovation Committee said in a phone call with Yonhap News, “It is a family history issue, so it is difficult to explain in a situation where the exact facts are not known.” a lot,” he said.

In response, Kim Wi-wi visited the Korea Senior Citizens Association on the 3rd of this month and apologized officially, saying, “I have served my in-laws for 18 years after my husband’s death. I don’t think I’ve ever lived without respect for the elderly.”

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