Suwon FC awakens scoring power, should Jeonbuk stop the busy road?

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Suwon FC and Jeonbuk Hyundai will have an important match.

Suwon FC and Jeonbuk will play the 7th round of ‘Hanawon Q K League 1 2023’ at 7:00 pm on the 15th at Suwon Sports Complex. The points of the two teams are tied at 7 points, with Suwon FC leading in multiple points, 6th and Jeonbuk 7th.

The atmosphere of the two teams is quite different. Suwon FC, which had been calm with 1 win, 1 draw and 3 losses until the 5th round, completely woke up from the confrontation with Daejeon Hana Citizen in the 6th round. Suwon FC’s offensive DNA was properly shown by reversing the situation from being dragged 0-2 to 5-3.

It is meaningful in that it was the first game of this season where the attack that Suwon FC coach Kim Do-gyun wanted was properly displayed. Striker Lars, who had been quiet, burst out, and Muril, who is looking for an ace-like appearance this season, also started scoring. Yoon Bit-garam, who was recruited this season and immediately took on a serious role, also scored his first goal. The style of Suwon FC, where various players are involved in the attack, was properly implemented.

Suwon FC is a scary team in the mood. They conceded a lot of points, but it is a style that brings victory by putting the offense ahead of the poor defense. Starting from the Daejeon match, Suwon FC’s attack power revived, so we can expect more aggressive football.

Jeonbuk is the place where Suwon FC’s sharpened window will be headed. 6 matches, 2 wins, 1 draw, 3 losses, and 7th place. Even at the beginning of the season, it is very awkward for Jeonbuk to be in the current ranking. Ulsan Hyundai, which was a contender for the championship, is cruising in first place with six consecutive victories, but Jeonbuk is not even taking care of its own bowl, let alone keeping Ulsan in check.

It is revealing problems on both sides of the airlift. With 7 goals in 6 games, they are tied with Jeju United and Gangwon FC, who are currently in the bottom ranks. Starting with the goalkeeper problem where Song Bum-geun left the team starting last season, and the gap is felt, the overall balance of the team has not yet been established.

What fans are most frustrated with is the attack. 7 goals in 6 matches. The offensive power is so low that I wonder if Jeonbuk, which created the keyword Dak-gong, is right. With Cho Kyu-seong, Amano Jun, Lee Dong-jun, and Raphael, among the top-notch strikers in the K-League, only one goal per game is all. Compared to the fact that Daejeon, Ulsan, and FC Seoul are scoring two goals per game, it becomes even more shabby.

This match is a really important match for both teams and for the two coaches who are usually friends. Since we succeeded in reversing the mood with victory in the 6th round, we need to continue the flow in the 7th round.바카라 Especially in the case of Jeonbuk, if they do not bring 3 points in this round, the fans’ patience will gradually run out.

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