Suseong High School, national volleyball South High School 4th consecutive victory ‘court leveling’

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Suseong High School in Suwon, the ‘strongest’ in high school volleyball, won 4 consecutive victories in the men’s high school division of the 78th National Volleyball Championships and won the second crown of the season.

Suseong High School, led by head coach Kim Jang-bin and coach Shin Hee-seop, defeated Gyeongbuk Physical Education High School 3-0 (25-15 25-20) with Apposite Spiker Lee Yong-jae and outside hitter Yoon Seo-jin leading the way in the South High School Finals on the last day of the tournament held at the Jecheon Eoulim Sports Center in Chungcheongbuk-do on the 7th. 25-19) and won the court for 4 consecutive years.

As a result, Suseong High School collected the championship trophy again in 20 days following the Taebaek Mountain Cup middle and high school tournament in April, and rose to the second crown of the season.

Suseong High School, which used up a lot of stamina in a full set match against Suncheon Jeil High School the previous day, overturned expectations and won the first set lightly. After Lee Yong-jae’s successful attack and blocking took the lead, Yoon Seo-jin and Yoon Ha-jun played a big role on the left side, and Lee Yong-jae took charge of the right side and took the lead from start to finish, catching it 25-15.

But the second generation was different. Gyeongbuk Physical Education High School, where Lee Woo-jin and Choi Jin-woo’s left and right double guns survived the attack, and Suseong High School, which continued the early seesaw game, took the lead 11-9 thanks to the opponent’s consecutive mistakes and Lee Yong-jae’s successful blocking.

Afterwards, Suseong High School, which maintained a 2-3 point lead, predicted a complete victory by adding a set to 25-20 as Yoon Seo-jin and Lee Yong-jae’s left and right attacks revived Yoon Ha-joon’s attack.

In the third set, Suseong High School, which continued to play closely, took a 10-6 lead thanks to Seojin Yun’s direct hits and Fuze’s successful blocking during Lim In-gyu’s serve. Afterwards, Lee Dong-yoon was chased by Gyeongbuk Physical Education High School with 3 points in a row by 16-15, 1 point, but Yoon Seo-jin and Lee Yong-jae’s twin guns showed off their power and finished the game 25-19.

Meanwhile, Yoon Seo-jin,바카라사이트 the main player in Suseong High School’s championship, won the tournament’s Most Valuable Player Award (MVP), Kang Chang-ho received the Setter Award, Yang Seung-min received the Libero Award, and coach Kim Jang-bin won the Leadership Award.

Coach Kim Jang-bin of Suseong High School said, “Every game was difficult against strong teams from the preliminaries to the semi-finals, but today’s final was an objective difference in skill, so I think the factor of victory was that I played comfortably without feeling pressured.” I will work with the players to continue to perform well in future competitions,” he said.

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