STL colleague who played the representative of the United States, “Nutba gold medal, 18 members of the team will not let it go”

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St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Miles Mycholas joked about teammate outfielder Lars Nutba.

Michaelas participated in the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC) as a representative of the United States, but failed to win the championship as the United States lost to Japan in the final. The United States, who won the 2017 championship as the “defending champion,” aimed for a second consecutive victory in the tournament, but unfortunately lost 2-3 after a close match with Japan.

“Nutba better not bring the WBC gold medal to the clubhouse,” Micholas told reporters before joining spring camp after the tournament. If you bring it, someone will aim for it. You can drop it in the bathroom,” he laughed.

Still, he was envious, saying,토토사이트 “It’s really cool that Nutba won the gold medal and I want to see the gold medal. I have a silver medal, but it’s not as nice as the gold one. I want to test it to see if it’s made of real gold.”

Nutba was the first mixed-race player on the Japanese national team and was very popular throughout the tournament. He even spread the ‘pepper grinder ceremony’ within the national team. “He’s a great player and he’s definitely had his best years. He’s learned a lot playing in a great team with great teammates,” said Mycholas.

After the tournament, Nutba said, “Thank you so much. Japanese baseball fans have a great passion for baseball. I was happy to be part of this team. I will miss the experience I will never have again in Japan.” revealed

Meanwhile, St. Louis participated in the tournament with the most players among 30 clubs, with 19 players selected for this tournament. Infielder Tommy Edmund also participated as the first mixed-race player in Korea and pledged to play Nutba against Korea and Japan.

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