SSG, who left the ‘championship leader’, even the suspicion of ‘unofficial’… Next season’s performance to be burdensome

SSG, which won the first integrated championship since its founding, may feel pressure to produce good results next season.

On the 12th, SSG Landers general manager Ryu Seon-gyu resigned. General Manager Ryu Seon-gyu said, “When I took over as general manager two years ago, my goal was to rebuild within two years. I have accomplished that. I think I have fulfilled my duty.” judged,” he explained.

Director Kim Seong-yong took the seat as the successor to former leader Ryu. However, there was a lot of talk about the appointment of Kim Seong-yong as general manager. First, it was because former general manager Ryu Seon-gyu resigned too suddenly. It was because a person who had been active at various awards ceremonies until last week suddenly resigned and left the team. Then, there was even a suspicion that a person who had a close relationship with the owner of Jeong Yong-jin, who had nothing to do with the parent company, was involved in the management of the baseball team.

In response, SSG expressed its official position. Regarding the appointment of new head coach Seong-yong Kim, SSG said, “In order for 토토 SSG to become a team that can maintain championship power every year in the future, we determined that new head coach Kim, who has a high understanding of team building and can systematically apply it to the field, is the right person.” revealed

Regarding the suspicion of ‘non-commercial tax’, he said, “The club selected the right person for the future through a normal decision-making process and opinion collection. In addition, he is only one of the people who serves as an advisor, and he is not in any position to be involved in the personnel management or management of the club.”

Even so, fans’ doubts about the ‘non-profit’ did not disappear. He went to social media (SNS) of the owner of Yongjin Jeong and commented on the post, demanding an explanation. Some fans staged a truck protest. Owner Jeong Yong-jin said on social media, “Demanding the impossible is not communication. ‘Prove that it is not!’ He expressed his opinion by writing, “I have to prove that the person making the claim is” and “Believe the other person’s words until you prove it. I’m doing the same now.” It seems to mean how to prove the fact that there is no ‘non-profit’ in the club.

After all, it seems that the results next season will be important. If it produces results, it seems that it will be able to convince public opinion to some extent. Attention is focusing on whether SSG, who won the KBO League’s first ‘Wire to Wire’ championship this season and the combined championship, will be able to solve this problem and achieve good results next season.