Son Heung-min’s reaction to the Asian Cup draw “The last Asian Cup! We will give a big gift to the people”

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This is a Sports reporter] Son Heung-min (Tottenham) promised to give a gift to the people at the ‘last’ Asian Cup. meant winning.

I met Son Heung-min at Villa Park Mixed Zone in Birmingham, England on the afternoon of the 13th. Tottenham lost 1-2 at Aston Villa. Before the match, the Asian Cup draw was held. At the Asian Cup held in January 2024, Korea was in a group with Malaysia, Jordan and Bahrain. Korea is challenging to win the Asian Cup for the first time in 63 years since 1960.

Moreover, Korea is the most powerful force in history. There are Son Heung-min, the former EPL scorer, Kim Min-jae, the iron pillar of Naples, and Lee Kang-in, who is emerging as a star in La Liga. Many overseas media are also counting Korea as the number one winner.

However, Son Heung-min was cautious. Regarding the results of the Asian Cup group draw, he said, “If you listen to the media, they say, ‘It’s an easy group draw,’ and ‘The group draw came out better than expected,’ but there’s nothing like that.” “We beat Portugal in the World Cup, we drew with Uruguay, and we also won Germany. In the sport of soccer, such surprises happen all the time. There are no easy groups,” he showed a prudent look.

Still, Son Heung-min promised, “In a way, this is my last Asian Cup. The players have to prepare really well, and I want to give the biggest gift to the people, as a player, for the Korean national team.”

In fact, we beat Portugal,안전놀이터 drew with Uruguay, and beat Germany in the World Cup. These results obviously happen in the sport of soccer. Because it is such a sport, we think that there is no easy group. We have to do our best in every game, and in a way, it’s my last Asian Cup.

I don’t think I can do more, so in a way it will be the last Asian Cup for me, but as I have good members and good players, I hope the players can prepare really well this time. Also, to many people, as a player, I want to give the biggest gift for the Korean national team. In a way, it seems to be my biggest dream.

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