Son Heung-min took off his mask and played full-time, but… Tottenham, Arsenal fell

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Son Heung-min (31, Tottenham), who is active in Tottenham in the English Premier League (EPL), took off his face shield for the first time after surgery for an orbital fracture and played full-time, but could not prevent the team from losing.

Tottenham lost 0-2 in the 2022-23 EPL round 20 home game against Arsenal held at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London, England on the 16th (Korean time).

Tottenham and Arsenal are rivals based in the same North London area. They have the hottest competitive spirit in the EPL. Tottenham lost 1-3 in the 9th round away game held in October last year, and then lost to Arsenal at home. It is the first time in nine years since the 2013-14 season that Tottenham lost both home and away to Arsenal.

With this defeat, Tottenham stayed in 5th place with 10 wins, 3 draws and 33 points. The gap with Manchester United (38 points), which is in fourth place, has widened to five points. On the other hand, Arsenal maintained their lead with 15 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss with 47 points. It is solidifying its solo system by leading 2nd place Manchester City (39 points) by 8 points.

On this day, Son Heung-min, who joined Harry Kane and Dejan Kulusevski as the left striker of the three-top, took off his mask and hit the ground for the first time since he underwent orbital fracture surgery in early November of last year.

He hit a bold shot whenever he got a chance, but he couldn’t shake the net. He left a regret that he could not record an attack point,

The saddest moment was the 18th minute in the first half. Son Heung-min dug into the space behind the defense inside the penalty box. Just then, Ryan Sessegnon’s exquisite pass went in. Son Heung-min took a chance to face the goalkeeper one-on-one. However, the opportunity was ruined as Son Heung-min’s right-footed turning shot was blocked by Arsenal goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale’s save.

Tottenham struggled with 메이저사이트 Arsenal’s speed and pressure. The opening goal was conceded in the 14th minute of the first half. Arsenal crossed after Bukayo Saka dug down the right flank. As the cross hit the defender’s body and refracted, it hit Tottenham goalkeeper Hugo Lloris’ body and went straight into the goal. According to the official record, it was Lloris’s own goal.

Even after conceding the opening goal, Tottenham struggled under pressure from Arsenal. Arsenal continued to push Tottenham. He even scored an extra goal in the 36th minute of the first half. In a counterattack situation, Martin Odegaard, who received Saka’s pass, shook the net with a sharp left-footed mid-range shot. It was Odegaard’s 8th goal in the league.

Tottenham was able to counterattack properly only after conceding three goals first. However, Tottenham’s shooting missed the goal every time. Tottenham manager Antonio Conte launched an offensive by putting Richarlison and Ivan Perisic in succession, who had just recovered from injuries, but Arsenal’s goal was not released in the end.

Son Heung-min also tried to shoot at the last minute of the second half, but had to suffer the misfortune of being caught on the defense. Son Heung-min shot 5 times, including 1 effective shot, and recorded 1 key pass. The pass success rate was 85.2%.

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