“Shoot 200,000 won” supporter’s post… Jo Min: “We cannot encourage sponsorship”

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Former Justice Minister Cho Kuk’s daughter Jo Min (32), who is active as a YouTuber, urged some supporters to refrain from encouraging large donations.

Ms. Cho posted on the YouTube channel community on the 1st and said, “When I broadcast the ‘Study With Me’ video today, I hid comments from people who excessively encouraged donations.”

‘Study with me ’ is content that shows studying in real time without토토사이트 any special dialogue or content. The video captures Cho sitting in front of her desk for a certain period of time, studying for 25 minutes and then taking a 5-minute break. Mr. Cho also shows his natural side by eating snacks during breaks.

Mr. Cho said, “(Donation) I saw comments that were against etiquette, such as ‘What is 20,000 won?’, ‘Shoot for 200,000 won,’” and “I am concerned that it will go against the original purpose of the video and be seen as a broadcast encouraging donations. “I hope that my subscribers will not be offended by encouraging those who support and like me to donate money.”

He continued, “Even if you don’t donate even a single won, just being with us means a lot to me,” adding, “Nevertheless, I am deeply grateful to the countless people who have sponsored. “The donations you sent will be well saved and used for meaningful purposes,” he added.

According to Playboard, a YouTube channel analysis site, the two-hour ‘Study With Me’ video first uploaded by Cho on July 21 recorded 360,000 views and received 970 million won in ‘Super Chat’ (donations sent to YouTubers by YouTube viewers). I collected 80,000 won. The study video that Mr. Cho posted on the 31st of last month had 60,000 views as of the morning of the 2nd.

Meanwhile, on the 10th of last month, the prosecution indicted Mr. Cho without detention on charges of interfering with the admissions process by submitting false documents to Pusan ​​National University and Seoul National University Graduate School of Medicine (e.g. submitting false documents).

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