Self-blame, self-blame, self-blame in the diary of an elementary school student in Incheon who died of ‘stepmother abuse’

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“My mother woke me up at 6:30 today, but I didn’t wake up and even at 7:30 I was still writing only 10 verses (of the Bible). Her mother told her to be straight, but she flirted. sorry. Please forgive me.”

The contents of the diary before the death of an 11-year-old elementary school student who died with bruises all over her body due to abuse by her stepmother were revealed in court.

Even though the child suffered unbearable abuse and spent painful days, showing contradictory behavior by blaming herself, the perpetrator, the stepmother, brazenly denied the abuse, saying, “There were many good days, but it seems that only bad things were few.” showed

On the afternoon of the 30th, the 15th Criminal Division of the Incheon District Court (Chief Ho-joong Ryu) was charged with murder of child abuse under the Act on Special Cases Concerning the Punishment of Child Abuse Crimes, Habitual Child Abuse under the Child Welfare Act, Habitual Child Abandonment, and Neglect. The third trial of father C (39) was held.

Looking at the diary released that day, Mr. A’s stepson B 토토사이트(11 years old at the time of death) blamed himself even after being abused on June 1 last year.

Group B wrote in his diary, “My mother and father couldn’t sleep because of the Bible every day, so it was hard. Thank you for waking me up at 6:30 every day, but I came out late without knowing until 7:40.” I’m sorry that you were stressed out and made it difficult for my younger siblings and my father at that time.”

A number of articles were found asking for apology and forgiveness as if writing a letter of apology.

In November of the same year, Group B said, “As my mother said, she tied me to a chair and left, but it was really terrible.” Because I don’t want to be tied down again.”

Group B said in December, “I got down on my knees and stood up for punishment. He was tied to a chair” or “I will die soon,” he wrote in his diary.

Mr. A, who appeared in court wearing a light green shroud and holding a newborn baby to his chest, said about the diary, “There were days when I went out with my family, and there were many days, but I think I only wrote part of the contents in the diary.” I was able to write while looking back at what I had done (I think so).”He also admitted to abusing Group B, but insisted that he tried to raise him and that he was under a lot of stress at the time of the crime. Mr. A claimed, “I have to take care of my child, but it was very difficult mentally and physically.”Also, “(while homeschooling instead of sending Group B to school), my child likes music, so I studied a lot of music, such as guitar and piano,” he said. I took my time,” he added.At the trial that day, a closed-circuit ( 

CC ) 

TV video of the day before the death of Group B was also released.Group B was assaulted by Mr. A that day, tied to a chair for a long time, and then limped to a convenience store after being released.In the investigative report released by the prosecution on the same day, Mr. A said in a police investigation, “My son (B) masturbated at school” or “ 

ADHD(Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).”However, the homeroom teacher of Group B stated, “I have never done anything like that, and I have never shown any symptoms.”Prosecutors also explained, “There were bloodstains on pencils, scissors, and compasses (which appear to have been used for abuse).”Meanwhile, Mr. A was arrested and charged with abusing and killing her stepson B 50 times, including repeatedly beating her stepson B in an apartment in Namdong-gu, Incheon, for 11 months from March 9 last year to February 7 last year. Her biological father, Mr. C, was also accused of abusing her son Mr. B 15 times, including assaulting her son B with a drum from April 2021 to last January, and neglecting the abuse of her wife Mr. A.Group B’s weight, which was 38 kg at the age of 10, was reduced to 29.5 kg on the day of death as he was repeatedly abused by his parents for a long time.

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