Samsung Lions, who lost their winning streak… 3 consecutive matches against the lowest-ranked KIA

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The Samsung Lions, who challenged for a 4-game winning streak, couldn’t overcome Kiwoom Heroes starter Eric Yokishi’s wall and lost 1-6.

On the evening of April 20 at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul, in the last game of the three-week series against Kiwoom, Samsung started David Buchanan and aimed for a four-game winning streak and the first series sweep of the season, but even after taking the first point, they gave up four points from the first inning and finished the game. I was dragged.

Buchanan, who had a difficult start in the game, regained a sense of stability from the second inning and continued clean pitching until the fourth inning, handling 8 batters in a row.

Buchanan, who had a quality start in two consecutive games until the start of the day, recorded his second loss of the season, but took responsibility for many innings and finished the game with two pitchers, Buchanan and Choong-yeon Choi, to relieve the burden on the bullpen.

Samsung, who recorded 3 consecutive wins and 1 loss, will move to Gwangju on the 21st and play 3 consecutive weekend games against the KIA Tigers, who are showing the most sluggish appearance recently.

As soon as KIA got out of its 5-game losing streak with a victory over Lotte on the 19th, it lost another game on the 20th and recorded 2 wins and 8 losses in the last 10 games, remaining at the bottom of the league,메이저사이트 less than 30% of the season.

The two teams, who met in desperate need of victory, announced Jang Pil-jun as the starter to replace Suarez in the first game of the weekend’s three-game series, and Yoon Young-cheol as the opposing KIA starter.

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