Rowing club members show off their passion at Misari Stadium

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The 2nd Hanam City Rowing Association President’s Rowing Competition, a ‘festival’ for sports rowing clubs for life, was successfully held at Misari Rowing 토토사이트Stadium in Hanam on the 15th.

About 300 people, including Hanam City Mayor Lee Hyeon-jae, Gyeonggi Provincial Rowing Association President Ahn Gyo-jae, Hanam City Sports Association President Choi Jin-yong, Hanam City Rowing Association President Park Ian, and more than 300 people participated, making it a great success. Even monsoon rains could not stop the passion of rowing club members.

After the opening ceremony, after the opening ceremony, 500m ergometer competitions were held in 8 categories, including men’s U-13, U-15, U-17, U-19, women’s youth, men’s and women’s general, and mixed doubles, followed by an aquatic event. had

In the quadruple sculls (4X) youth section of the 1,000m aquatic event, the Suwon Rowing Association won the championship with a time of 4:53:06, beating Seoul Academy (4:55:82) as a rowing pro. The club took the top spot with times of 4:34:86 and 4:29:39, ahead of Seoul Rowing Club (4:45:09) and Hojeonghoe (4:34:16).

In the men’s and women’s general category 500m 4X, CrossFit Mass and Yongin Rowing Club accompanied the summit with 2:22:82 and 2:31:90, respectively, and Yongin Rowing Club (2:15:22) and Youth Rowing Pro ( 2 minutes 08 seconds 76), men’s general 500m double sculls (2X) WRC (2 minutes 05 seconds 30) also split the winning waters.“To the participants and leaders who gave their best to the end despite the inclement weather of monsoon rain, Mayor Lee Hyeon-jae, Gyeonggi-do President Ahn Gyo-jae, Sports President Choi Jin-yong and other guests who attended the event early in the morning to shine. He said, “I will try to develop this competition further so that it becomes a cornerstone for the expansion and development of the base of Korean rowing.”

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