“Reveal episode 12 quickly… Uprising” Netflix’s rival, eventually exploded into ‘the best ever’

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“Reaction beyond our expectations” (Disney senior official)

“A story with a strong emotional narrative” (USA Forbes)

“A unique and wonderful storyline that immerses everyone” (Hong Kong)

Disney+ (Plus)’s Korean original content ‘Moving’, which was released until episode 11, eventually burst into an all-time high. “I subscribe to Disney Plus to watch Moving”, “Reveal episode 12 quickly”, “I am holding back to watch it,” etc. are attracting explosive reactions.

Moving is attracting an overwhelming topic and explosive response from all over the world, such as achieving the most viewing time in the first week of release among all Disney+ contents.

On the 26th, according to Flix Patrol, a global OTT platform viewing ranking aggregation site, Moving ranked first in the Disney+ TV show category.

After the 10th and 11th episodes, where Ryu Seung-ryong’s past narrative unfolds, he is writing a new history by achieving No. 1 in the integrated OTT search and recommendation platform.

This is a record that surpasses Disney+’s original series ‘Casino’. This is the result of realizing the public’s love for moving.

Not only in Korea, but also in the United States, Japan, and Hong Kong, the response is hot. In the Disney+ Asia-Pacific region, including Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Southeast Asia, it is currently ranked among the most watched series, realizing its box office power. “The 11 episodes of ‘Moving’ that have been released so far have elicited a global consumer response that exceeded our expectations,” said

Carol Choi , head of content strategy for Disney’s Asia-Pacific region. It is captivating not only the United States but also the Asia-Pacific region.” It has also been praised overseas. American media Forbes praised it as “a story with an emotional narrative that appeals to you”, and Asian media outlets such as Hong Kong praised it as “a special and wonderful storyline that immerses토토사이트 everyone.”

Moving is a ‘Korean version of the Avengers’ work made by Disney+, which is considered a Netflix opponent, by investing more than 50 billion won. It is a story about people who seem ordinary but each have secret superpowers and fight against reality. It is based on a webtoon with a cumulative 200 million views drawn by webtoon writer Kang Full.

After the release of 7 episodes in the first week on Disney+, a total of 20 episodes will be released, 2 each Wednesday and 3 episodes in the last week.

In the domestic online video service ( OTT ) market, it is evaluated that Disney+, which has been sluggish due to Netflix, seized the opportunity to counterattack with moving.

According to the big data analysis platform Mobile Index, as of July of this year, the number of monthly active users ( MAU ) of Disney+ was only 1.92 million. Netflix (11.74 million), the number one in the industry, as well as domestic companies such as Teabing (5.22 million), Coupang Play (5.19 million), and Wave (4 million) fell to the bottom.

However, it has been reported that since the release of Moving, the number of Disney+ users has increased significantly.

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