Return to first place in Thailand with the most wins with Nadal… Djokovic, one step ahead in the ‘GOAT War’

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Novak Djokovic (1st place, Serbia) took a step forward in the so-called ‘GOAT’ (Greatest Of All Time) competition.스포츠토토

Djokovic defeated Stephanos Tsitsipas (4th place, Greece) in the Australian Open men’s singles final held in Melbourne, Australia on the 29th (Korean time) with a set score of 3-0 (6-3 7-6 <4> 7-6 <5> ) was suppressed.

Djokovic reached the top of the Australian Open for the first time in two years after 2021, and also increased his Australian Open career to 10 times. It is the third time that she has won more than 10 singles titles in a single Grand Slam event, following Margaret Court (Australia)’s 11th Australian Open in women’s singles and Rafael Nadal (6th, Spain)’s 14th French Open in men’s singles.

After losing to Hyeon Chung in the round of 16 in 2018, Djokovic ran for 28 consecutive years at the Australian Open. She reached the finals of the competition 10 times and won all of them, setting a record. Djokovic, who was absent from last year’s competition due to non-vaccination for the novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19), said, “It was the most difficult challenge in my life.” I want to say that this victory is the biggest victory of my life,” she was thrilled.

Djokovic also tied Nadal for the record for most Grand Slam men’s singles wins with 22. For the first time in seven months since last June, she has also returned to the top of the world rankings. In addition, Djokovic had the upper hand in the ‘GOAT’ war. Roger Federer (Switzerland), one of the ‘Big 3’ men’s singles, announced his retirement last year, and Nadal has been suffering from an injury since the end of last year.

Nadal was seeded 1 in this tournament as well, but packed up in the second round. He has not reached the third round (round of 32) in a Grand Slam tournament in seven years. Injuries to his abs and left foot plague Nadal. If this aftermath continues to Nadal’s main stage, the French Open, the competition with Djokovic for the most Grand Slam titles will become more difficult. On the contrary, Djokovic is showing his skills properly unless it is a vaccine issue. In this tournament, he played virtually flawless, conceding only one set in seven games.

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