‘Relevant move’ Ndombele “Tottenham fans ask me to come back… but I can’t do it my way”

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Tanguy Ndombele, who is on loan from Tottenham Hotspur to Napoli and is on the verge of winning his first trophy, has opened up about the possibility of returning to London.

“I don’t know what my future holds,” Ndombele said in an interview with ‘So Put’. “A lot of fans ask me to come back to Tottenham, but that’s up to the club to decide. Napoli have a full transfer option. I don’t mind the fact that I’m on loan, but Sometimes it feels like players are treated as assets rather than people.”

Ndombele is a midfielder who stood out in Olympique Lyonnais in France, his home country. As Tottenham ambitiously recruited in 2019, he was willing to pay the highest transfer fee and highest annual salary in the history of the club. However, he failed to settle in Tottenham, and was loaned to Lyon in the second half of the 2021-2022 season.

Ndombele, who was loaned to Napoli this season, is mainly playing as a card for the main midfielder’s physical strength, and has scored one goal each in Italian Serie A and European Football Federation Champions League (UCL). Napoli’s Serie A title is very promising, and it will be the first trophy of his career for Ndom Belle.바카라 This is because both Lyon and Tottenham have never won a championship.

Ndombele mentioned coach Antonio Conte, who was in charge of Tottenham at the time of the loan, and said, “I was happy to rent Naples because there was no way at Tottenham. However, I was treated as a side branch,” he said, expressing his position.

He also said, “I’ve been labeled lazy since I was in school. But not now. On the contrary, I keep improving.” Ndombele has often been criticized for his rambling style of play, especially as he is not suited to the fast-paced English football.

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