Refusing to ‘search’ for not taking a graduation album… Disciple’s scary ‘master’s concealment’

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Kim, a middle school teacher in North Chungcheong Province, received an official letter from the Office of Education last March asking whether he consented to the disclosure of information through the ‘homepage teacher search service’. This service lets you know the school you are currently working at when you search for a teacher’s name so that exchanges between priests can continue even after graduation. Ms. Kim continued to check ‘Agree’ until her last year, but this year she ‘Disagree’. She said she saw a graduate call the school a few months ago asking for her co-teacher and then hang up, yelling that she was “going to find him and I won’t leave him alone.” “I get scared when graduates come looking for me because more and more ugly things are happening,” she said.

A graduated student looking for a teacher was a scene that showed the affection between priests in the past. However, as incidents and accidents involving misuse of teacher information continue to occur, an increasing number of teachers are reluctant to provide their information to graduates.

The South Chungcheong Office of Education asks teachers twice a year whether they want to disclose information about the ‘Teacher Search Service’ and discloses only the teachers they want. However, only 2% (500-600) of all teachers agree. A middle school teacher in Incheon said, “At our school, the number of teachers who agreed to disclose information was 1 the year before last and 0 last year.” He added, “There are many cases of graduates abusing teachers by stalking them or coming to sell them products such as insurance, and as generations change, He stated on the 8th, “As the emphasis on ‘private information’ grows, almost no information is disclosed.”

The Daejeon Metropolitan Office of Education recently temporarily suspended the ‘Find a Teacher’ service. This is because an incident occurred last month when Mr. A토토사이트 (30) broke into a high school in Daedeok-gu, Daejeon and stabbed Mr. B (49), a teacher at his alma mater, with a weapon. Mr. A went to the ‘Teacher Search Service’ on the website and searched for Teacher B, but since the information was ‘private’, he found out Mr. B’s work location by calling other teachers and asking. An official from the Daejeon Office of Education said, “After the incident, there were complaints requesting that the information be made private and there were many anxious teachers, so we stopped it.”

Many offices of education have already eliminated their online ‘find a teacher’ service. The Daegu Office of Education was abolished last May, and the Seoul, Gyeonggi, and Gangwon Offices of Education were abolished several years ago. Instead, when a graduate makes an inquiry to the office of education by phone, the office of education contacts the teacher and provides contact information for the student. It is the teacher’s choice whether or not to make contact. In the past, teacher contact information was given to students, but this was changed as there was a risk that this could be misused.

Recently, the number of teachers reluctant to include photos in graduation albums is rapidly increasing. Park, a teacher at a middle school in the Incheon area, said, “I feel burdened about including photos in albums because there are times when photos of teachers are deepfake (AI human image synthesis technology) to create bad images or are used to reveal the teacher’s identity . ” In the past, during the ‘Telegram N Room’ sexual exploitation incident, a case where only teacher photos from graduation albums were collected and deepfaked was known.

Lee Mo, a high school teacher in Gyeonggi-do, said, “In the past, when photos were precious, I took albums to keep them, but these days, teachers take a lot of selfies with their close students. I don’t think there is a need for my photos to be shared even with children who have negative feelings about them.” . It is said that there are cases where parents are curious about the face of their child’s homeroom teacher and share the yearbook photo on the Internet, making facial comments such as “old” or “pretty.” Recently, there is a trend to only take photos of teachers who want to, or to not include photos of anyone other than the principal, vice principal, or homeroom teacher of the graduating class. There are even schools where senior teachers do not take pictures. Looking through graduation albums to reminisce about grateful gifts has become a thing of the past.

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