“‘Ramos + Cannavaro’ Kim who resembles is coming!”… ‘Kim Min-jae Man Trend’ raises the football closing price

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The British local press showed great expectations for Kim Min-jae (SSC Napoli), who has legendary defenders as their role models.

On the 24th (Korean time), the British media ‘Daily Mail’ introduced Kim Min-jae, who is close to transferring to Manchester United.

The media that introduced Kim Min-jae and his profile and characteristics claimed about Kim Min-jae, “This Korean defender is known to have been inspired by Sergio Ramos and Fabio Cannavaro.”

Both Ramos and Cannavaro are always on the list when it comes to picking the greatest defenders in football history.

Cannavaro won the 2006 Ballon d’Or at the 2006 World Cup in Germany when he led his country Italy to victory with an impregnable defense.

Afterwards, as there were no defenders who received the Ballon d’Or, Cannavaro’s status increased even more. Cannavaro is also known as a person who recognized the talent of Kim Min-jae, who was playing for Beijing Guoan at the time, with his younger brother, Napoli legend defender Paolo Cannavaro, when he was coaching Hengda, Guangzhou, China, and actively recommended it to Europe. 

Real Madrid legend Ramos also earned a reputation as the world’s best defender during his active career, winning 22 championships during his time at Real, including four UEFA (European Football Federation) Champions League titles. Ramos also scored a number of memorable goals for his attacking prowess during set-pieces. Kim Min-jae frequently picks Ramos as his ideal.

The media highly praised Kim Min-jae, who is working hard by watching and learning from the two legendary defenders, and expressed anticipation of what kind of performance he will show if he enters the Premier League.

The media explained, “Kim Min-jae earned the nickname ‘monster’ for his 193 cm tall physique at the beginning of his professional career.”

“Kim Min-jae has been well-received for his calm defense throughout his playing career, which will certainly suit Manchester United, led by manager Eric Turnhach,” he predicted.

“Kim Min-jae gained a reputation for running around the field while in possession of the ball,” he added. “His height made it difficult to miss the ball.”

Kim Min-jae, a key defender of Napoli who became the Serie A champion in the 2022/23 season, became one of Europe’s top defenders while playing a leading role in the championship.

Kim Min-jae’s performance drew attention from Manchester United, a prestigious Premier League club. Manchester United is dreaming of bringing in Kim Min-jae and strengthening the defense even if it pays for a buyout of 50 million euros (approximately 71.1 billion won).

Some argued that Kim Min-jae’s transfer to Manchester United was only a matter of time. Il Martino, an influential Italian newspaper, recently reported that “Kim Min-jae has already agreed to a transfer with Manchester United and even found a luxury villa to live in Manchester, England.” His man fashion, which was raised mainly by the Italian media in the early days, was recently confirmed by transfer market experts Fabrizio Romano and Gianluca di Marzio, and these days, the British media continues to cover Kim Min-jae.메이저사이트

The news that the best defender in Europe this season is about to enter the Premier League is also waiting for the official transfer announcement, showing a lot of anticipation in the British local media.

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