‘Plop’ into the sea while practicing driving… A woman in her 60s “I thought it was a break”

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A woman in her 60s who was practicing driving in Jeju crashed into the sea due to inexperienced driving.

According to News 1 on the 5th, a report was received that a car had fallen into the sea at around 2:25 pm the previous day in Sehwapo-gu, Gujwa-eup토토사이트.

In this accident, driver A (60s) and passenger B (60s) crashed into the sea with the car. Fortunately, they all escaped on their own through an open window. If you look at the CC (Closed Circuit) TV

that was filmed rushing at the time, the car rushes toward the sea at high speed. During the subsequent crash, it collided with a fishing boat anchored once and fell into the sea. Mr. A and Mr. B suffered minor injuries and were taken to the hospital by the 119 ambulance and treated. The Coast Guard is investigating the details of the accident as an accident caused by inexperienced driving.

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