Park Hang-seo, “Thanks to being a Korean, I came this far… Always Responsible”

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Coach Park Hang-seo did not forget his responsibility as a Korean. It was the same in another country, the day before the ‘Last Dance’ in Vietnam.

A press conference was held ahead of the second leg of the AFF Cup final in Bangkok, Thailand on the 15th. Manager Park Hang-seo said, “Some people think we are at a disadvantage, but we are here to win.” Regarding the fact that it is the last game of the Vietnamese national team, he continued his efforts not to be overly emotional, saying, “The preparation is the same whether it is the first game or the last game in charge.”

In the first leg of the final on the 13th, Vietnam drew 2-2 with Thailand. As the second leg is held at home in Thailand, the pre-game winning prospect is slightly tilted towards Thailand. However, manager Park Hang-seo said, “I know that all the victories against Thailand so far have been away. There is pressure on the expedition tomorrow, but I am confident that we will get good results.” At the press conference after the first game in Hanoi, manager Park Hang-seo rejected the media’s forecast, saying, “If we win 1-0, we win the championship, so why is everyone so pessimistic?”

Vietnam’s confidence was also revealed. Coach Park predicted, “Both Thai coach Paul King and fans will not want to win the championship with away goals.”토토사이트 The AFF Cup applies the away goals first rule. As long as Vietnam does not score two or more goals, Thailand wins even if it draws. Coach Park said, “In the first game, Thailand came out with a back 3 that had never been used. I don’t know if it will be like that tomorrow,” he said. At the Thai press conference held earlier, coach Alexander Polking also commented, “Our players are so good that they can use the system freely.”

Above all, in the second leg of the final, coach Park Hang-seo bids farewell to the Vietnamese national team. Director Park expressed his determination, saying, “I will definitely win and give a good gift to the Vietnamese people.” He also responded to the support of domestic fans. Director Park said, “Thanks to the interest and support of the Korean people and fans, I always felt responsible and did my best.” He added, “I was able to do this until the end because I was a Korean.”

[Vietnam Coach Park Hang-seo, M-1 Press Conference Q&A]

(Resolve) In
the first leg at home, the score was 2-2. Some people think it’s a bit disadvantageous. But we came to win the second game. My players and I will definitely win so that we can present a good gift to the people of Vietnam. As far as I know, I won in Thailand in 2018 on an away game. Both times won away. There is some pressure from the expedition tomorrow as well, but I am confident that we will get good results. Neither Paul King nor Thai fans will want to win on away goals. will probably come out aggressively.

(Tomorrow is the last game, did you prepare anything special?) I say this
every time. Whether it’s the first match or the end, the preparation is the same every time. will do the same

(How to block Thailand No. 3 (Tirason Bunma Tower)?)
Thailand No. 3 is the starting point. key player. I blocked it well in the first half, but missed it in the second half. generally ready

(I spent 5 years. Tomorrow is the last game, so as a reporter, please take care of me tomorrow too.) Please take care of
me tomorrow as well. thanks.

(Thailand wins even if it draws?)
As I said before, neither Thailand nor coach Pol King want a win for Thai fans, not an away goal win. In the first game, Thailand used a back 3 that they had never used before. I think it was the pressure of the expedition. Tomorrow is a home game and it seems that we will come out with the back 4 we have been playing so far. I don’t know if we’ll run the back 3 for a tie tomorrow, but if we play aggressively, we’ll play aggressively.

(I would like to ask a word to Korean fans.)
First of all, I would like to thank the people of Korea, my home country. While I was coaching in Vietnam, I always felt responsible and did my best thanks to the interest and support from soccer fans and the public. The reason I was able to do this until the end was because I was a Korean. Even if I leave the Vietnamese national team in the future, I hope that Korea and Vietnam will have a win-win relationship in all relationships, and hope that it will develop into a friendly relationship. [2022 AFF

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