Only Korean short track men were excited… Kim Tae-seong 500m gold, Park Ji-won-Hong Gyeong-hwan 1500m 1st and 2nd place

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 Korean short track men were excited, but women were sluggish.

On the 11th (local time), on the final day of the 3rd competition of the 2022-2023 International Skating Union (ISU) Short Track World Cup held at the Halik Arena in Almaty, Kazakhstan, 21-year-old Kim Tae-seong (Dankook University) won a surprise gold medal in the men’s 500m.

Kim Tae-seong never gave up the lead in Final A that day, with a record of 40 seconds 898, beating Kazakhstan Dennis Nikisha’s strong pursuit (40 seconds 998) and crossing the finish line first. Kim Tae-seong took 5th place in the national team selection last May, and has not seen a big light in the meantime. Seong-Woo Jang (Korea University) won the bronze medal (41.392 seconds).

In the men’s 1500m 2nd race, Final A, Park Ji-won (Seoul City Hall) and Hong Kyung-hwan (Goyang City Hall) won the gold medal (2:20:340) and 메이저사이트 the silver medal (2:20:400), respectively. In the first race of this event the day before, Hong Kyung-hwan took first place. Hong Kyung-hwan contributed to winning the 2000m mixed relay at this event, winning three gold medals.

Hong Kyung-hwan, Kim Tae-seong, Lim Yong-jin (Goyang City Hall), and Park Ji-won competed in the men’s 5000m Final A, and Korea finished second (6:56:453) after Canada (6:56:201) to claim the silver medal. Korea has always been in first place, but Park Ji-won allowed Canada to reverse on the last curve, leaving a regret. Japan is third.

Shim Seok-hee (Seoul City Hall) and Kim Gil-ri (Seo Hyeon-go) fell behind in 4th and 5th places in the women’s 1500m 2nd race Final A. In the first race the day before, Korea gave away the gold medal to Susan Schulting (Netherlands).

Not a single Korean player advanced to the women’s 500m Final A. Choi Min-jeong (Seongnam City Hall) was disqualified for a false start in the semi-final. In the women’s 3000m relay Final A, where Choi Min-jeong, Kim Gil-li, Park Ji-yoon (Uijeongbu City Hall), and Shim Suk-hee sortied, Korea was satisfied with the bronze medal behind Canada (4:10:47) and the Netherlands (4:16:038).

With two laps left to the finish line, Korea failed to win the gold medal when Gilly Kim, who was running second, collided with a Dutch player and fell. The 4th World Cup will be held at the same place from the 16th to the 19th.

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