NH Nonghyup Card, writing an ‘undefeated legend’ in the 3rd round, achieved 5 consecutive wins on the 5th day of the game!

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NH Nonghyup Card is continuing its unbeatable winning streak in the third round. 

On the 18th, NH Nonghyup Card defeated SK Rent-a-Car with a set score of 4-2 (11-1, 9-5, 13- 15, 9-8, 2-11, 9-4).

As a result, Nonghyup Card, which had won against Huons the previous day, also won the first game on the 5th day and went on to win 5 games in a row in the 3rd round소닉카지노

As of the third round so far, NH Nonghyup Card ranked alone in first place with an overwhelming 14 points, followed by Hana Card, which played one less game, in second place with 8 points. Blue One Resort is in 3rd place with 7 points, and Crown Haitai and High 1 Resort are tied for 4th place with 6 points. 

NH Nonghyup Card is in first place alone with 49 points in the regular league, 10 points behind second place Crown Haitai (39 points). 

In the men’s doubles team, Jo Jae-ho and Kim Hyun-woo, who were in good form from the first set, hit a jackpot with 10 runs in the first inning. The Ngo-Geonhwi pair barely got the cue in the second inning, but only scored one run. NH Nonghyup Card, which reached the match point first, easily won the set first with 11-1, with Kim Hyun-woo filling up the remaining point.

The team of Kim Min-ah and Kim Bomi also took two sets in a row, winning 9-5 in 4 innings against the team of Kang Ji-eun and Hida Orie (Japan).

SK Rent-a-Car defeated Eddie Refpens (Belgium) in the 3rd set of singles. The opponent was Mamin Kam. Refens scored 6 high runs in 3 innings, putting pressure on Maminkam, who had only 1 run. In the 7th inning, the score increased to 12-3. However, Maminkam also followed closely behind Refens, including 5 high runs in the 7th inning. However, the reversal did not occur, and Refens barely took the third set, 15-13, and fought back.

NH Nonghyup Card brought out the Oh Seong-wook and Kim Bomi cards in the mixed doubles. SK Rent-a-Car once again selected Refence to participate together with Hida. NH Nonghyup Card was ahead 7-1 until the 7th inning. The Refens-Hida team took turns scoring 7 high runs in the 7th inning, leading the team to a 8-8 tie. However, the Oh Seong-wook-Kim Bo-mi pair narrowly accumulated one additional point and won the fourth set.

Then, in the 5th set, Kang Dong-gung scored 9 high runs from the 1st inning against his ‘best friend’ Jo Jae-ho, showing an overwhelming performance of 11-2 in 3 innings. 

For SK Rent-a-Car, you have to carry a full set, and for NH Nonghyup Card, everything depends on one set.

Kang Ji-eun from SK Rent-a-Car and Kim Min-ah from NH Nonghyup Card came forward. The two faced each other tightly with a 1-run lead through 6 innings. However, Minah Kim took the lead with a score of 7-4 in the 7th inning, and her last-minute bank shot hit the mark, giving the team another win with 9-4.

Meanwhile, a match between Crown Haitai and Blue One Resort will be held shortly at 3:30 p.m. This will be followed by the Huons-Hana Card match at 6:30 p.m. and the Welcome Savings Bank-High1 Resort match at 9:30 p.m. SY is taking a day off. 

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