“My child couldn’t register for classes”… Universities are also ‘sufficient’ due to extreme civil complaints

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Recently, malicious complaints and abuse of power안전놀이터 by some parents toward teachers have emerged as a social problem.

University faculty members are also complaining that parental complaints are not the same as others.

First of all, it is said that at the beginning of the semester, there are frequent cases of requesting that a child who failed to register for classes be put in the class.

They explain that they cannot accommodate a particular student, but there are also cases where disgruntled parents use abusive language when their request is not met.

In the online community frequently used by faculty and staff, posts complaining of the burden of work due to parental complaints are constantly being posted.

He expressed frustration, saying that all sorts of inquiries and complaints are coming in throughout the school, such as ‘My child submitted the assignment late, so please do not give me a grade penalty’ and ‘I want to look up the grades instead’.

Regarding this, experts explained that parents who have not stopped excessive interference and dependence on their minor children are likely to repeat the same behavior inertia even after their children become adults.

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