“Miracle buyout Kim Min-jae, worth 128 billion won” Persuading Naples with UCL and transfer bait

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An analysis came out that Kim Min-jae (27, Naples) could be sold for more than 90 million euros if it were not for the buyout (transfer permission) clause. 

On the 26th (Korean time), Luca Cerchione, a journalist belonging to ‘Tutti Al Barr’, drew attention by mentioning the value of Kim Min-jae with Napoli, who won the championship in 33 years, through Italy’s ‘Sports Italia’. 스포츠토토

Cerchione said, “There are many Naples players to whom we should thank coach Luciano Spalletti for the rest of our lives.” “If you look at the ransom, you can mention Kim Min-jae. Kim Min-jae, who joined Napoli last summer for 20 million euros, is currently under 50 million euros. will not be sold,” he said. 

Kim Min-jae joined Naples from Fenerbahce (Turkey) in July last year. Initially, Kim Min-jae, who was likely to transfer to Stade Rennes (France), but Napoli succeeded in hijacking amid Spalletti’s active courtship.

What was it that Naples was able to convince Kim Min-jae? “A miracle happened in the buyout clause, and that was one of the reasons Min-jae Kim signed the contract,” said Cherkione. Emphasized. 

In fact, Kim Min-jae signed a 3+2 year contract with Napoli. However, he temporarily inserted a buyout (transfer permission) clause between July 1 and 15 this summer, opening the way for a transfer to be possible in one season. 

Of course, Napoli did not expect that Kim Min-jae would trigger a buyout clause involving an amount of 50 to 60 million euros. That is why it is described as a miracle. However, Kim Min-jae showed his true value as he played repeatedly in Serie A and the UEFA Champions League. 

Kim Min-jae has become the top target of not only Manchester United (Man United) but also Manchester City (Man City), Newcastle United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Tottenham, Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), Real Madrid, Barcelona and Bayern Munich, among other European big clubs. 

These clubs are actively targeting Kim Min-jae, seeing that the buyout amount is absurdly low, despite being evaluated as the world’s best defender. Manchester United promises an annual salary of 9 million euros (approximately 12.8 billion won), and is evaluated as the most advanced in the scramble for Kim Min-jae. 

“If there was no buyout clause, Kim Min-jae would have been valued at 90 million euros (approximately 128 billion won),” Cherkione argued. The UK’s ’90min’ also highly evaluated, “Kim Min-jae has a ransom of 100 million euros (approximately 142.2 billion won).” 

Although it is not an official figure, it is proving that Kim Min-jae is the best defender in the world. Also, for Kim Min-jae, it can be seen that whether or not to participate in the Champions League is an important condition for deciding on a transfer.


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